Decorations for Christmas

Christmas Decorations

Decorating the house for Christmas is one of our very favourite activities here at EziBuy. While singing along to Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra, no better feeling exists than walking into a room filled with Christmas spirit. And EziBuy has a wide range of decorations to set your home apart and make entertaining a dream this holiday season.

The heart of every well decorated home is the Christmas tree. Make sure yours reflects the personality of your family. Your tree can say a lot about who you are and has the power to create a certain ambience in your home. When decorating, children will love, (and have a hard time breaking), the Felt Owl Decorations ($14.99). They come in a set of three so there’s enough for everyone to help out. To add some light to your tree in a less traditional, yet still sophisticated way, the Heart String Lights ($29.99) are clear and woven for added spectacle. Finally, the star of the show, the Beaded Glass Star Tree Topper ($24.99) reflects light and spreads the true warmth of Christmas around your home.

Decorations for Christmas
Now that Santa is almost here, help your kids get excited by letting them hang their very own Personalised Christmas Stockings (from $39.99). Decorated with Christmas characters and bright colours, these stockings will bring Christmas cheer into any room you choose to display. Just remember to get in early as the EziBuy elves will need 20 working days to create and deliver your new stockings.

Traditionally, another important room during the holiday season is the dining room. Xmas Chair Covers ($39.99) are a great way to add fun and festive cheer to your table without over-crowding it. As Christmas is a day where you’re eating non-stop, those who are brave enough need to be prepared for all kinds of snacking. The Festive Platter ($24.99) is cute as a button, with a reindeer, Christmas tree and Santa each boasting their own section to ensure mixed nuts and cheeses have never tasted so merry. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle that will make taking the Christmas ham out of the oven a touch more fun, the Oven Mitt and Tea Towel Set ($19.99) it is red, white and decorated with snowflakes, adding some much needed glamour to the stress of preparing food for all your relatives.

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Whatever your plans are this Christmas, EziBuy has everything you need to make it memorable. From decorating to fun activities, there isn’t a necessity that EziBuy haven’t thought of.

8 weeks and counting.

Happy Shopping!


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