7 Cosiest Winter Must-Haves

Ward off winter’s chill with one of these comfy snuggle-weather styles. We’ve rounded up our favourites from the EziBuy winter home and apparel catalogues – everything you need for lounging around at home on a rainy day!

1. A comfy blanket


If there’s one thing you get from EziBuy this winter, make it the super-soft Teddy Throw featured in our Home Winter catalogue. It’s exceptionally warm and fleecy, perfect for snuggling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. You might want to buy several – we’ve noticed a trend  in the reviews where customers tell us that their kids or significant others can’t resist stealing this throw for themselves!


2. Snuggly slippers


Comfortable slippers are always welcome on a cold day.  This winter our selection of slippers is larger than ever, but if we had to choose a favourite, it would be these Spot Boots from our UK brand Next. They’re soft and squishy inside, and a thick strip of fleecy fabric wraps around your ankles for maximum warmth. If you prefer a smaller slipper, you might like the Spot Ballerinas – the same spotty style in a different shape.


3. A fluffy jumper


The Capture Fluffy Button Fleece is definitely a “staying in” style – not much of a fashion statement but perfect for wearing around the house on a chilly day. That said, you might end up wearing it out in public anyway – it’s so soft and comfortable that you probably won’t ever want to take it off! We love it in hot, bold strawberry, but it also comes in white, mocha, emerald and navy.


4.  A throw-on-and-go hoodie


A comfy hoodie is a great option for days where you spend most of your time at home, but might need to pop out quickly to visit the shops or to pick up the kids. We love the Soft Washed Lounge Hoody – as the name says, it’s beautifully soft, but is still presentable enough to be worn outdoors.


5. Ridiculously cute pyjamas


If you’re going to spend all day indoors, nothing is more indulgent than wandering the house in your jimjams. Our top pick? The Mia Lucce Microfleece Zip Front Robe. It has handy pockets and a front zip, and the longer-than-usual length means that your ankles won’t get cold. For the more adventurous, we have a great range of cute and comfy onesies this season.


6.  A barely-there bra


Relaxing at home should definitely be bra-free time – but there are times when you might still want the support of a bra even when you’re in cold weather mode (for example, a movie marathon with friends). A nifty trick is to wear a Yoga Bra under your clothes. It gives you the support you need without cramping your comfort.


7. A comforting fragrance and firelight


Lighting a scented candle will not only make your home smell divine – the flame adds visual warmth. We’ve chosen a beautiful Ginger Lilly Candle in a morrocan glass jar designed by New Zealand fashion designer and tastemaker Trelise Cooper.

Now all you need is a roaring fire in the hearth, a bunch of chick flicks and hot chocolate!


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