Easter Gift Ideas

3 Easter Gift Ideas to try

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids - make a fort from our Flannelette Duvet Cover Set 
Have fun! Make a fort from our Flannelette Duvet Cover Set

Easter is always an exciting time of year. For some of us it means quality time with the family, for others it’s great to have a few days off work, and for others it’s about the copious amounts of chocolate that’s consumed. Whatever it is that makes Easter a special time for you, it’s generally a celebration with plenty of good memories.

Whether you like a bit of DIY crafts yourself, or whether you’re looking for something to keep the kids happy, why not try a few of these fabulous Easter gift ideas. Sure, you can go to the shops and easily purchase something to pass on, but there’s nothing quite like a handmade easter gift.

Get the kids involved
What better time to turn off the iPad, disconnect the television, and get a little bit creative at home. Get your children in the mood by offering them different ideas and ways to be creative. Get them to consider who they might be able to gift their finished creation to, and also for what purpose it will be used.

Start with setting up a ‘creative station’. This will then be an area of the house that’s allowed to be a little bit messy for the moment, a place in which the creative juices can run wild. Get the kids into clothes that allow them to move freely. A simple t-shirt and pants or t-shirt and shorts is great for this sort of crafty activity.

1) Easter Egg Hunt bags
This year might be the one that you set up an Easter hunt. When was the last time you went out of your way to make Easter truly special? What better way to prepare and get the children excited than by having them create their very own Easter Egg Hunt Bags.

2) Bunny ears
If an Easter Egg Hunt doesn’t sound like you, or your children are still too young to understand, they might enjoy making Bunny ears instead. These are also a fabulous thing to know how to make and keep in the closet for your next dress up party.

3) Birdseed eggs
And the third DIY easter gift idea that you as well as the children are bound to enjoy is creating birdseed eggs. These are a lovely way to not only treat our animal friends at Easter, but they add decoration and character to the garden as well as bringing about beautiful birdlife.

Getting stuck in to a DIY project need not be expensive or difficult. In fact, it should be quite the opposite. Create beautiful and unique Easter gifts by adding a personal touch. This means if you don’t have all the suggested materials, that you think outside the box and consider using something else. Often you’ll come up with something really wonderful, and something that you’re most proud of when you give it a personal touch. Sure, it might be nice to spend a bit of time at the craft shop and browsing through the array of colorful materials and sparkly embroidery, although it’s better to allow this to inspire you rather than limit you.

If you really want to make an event of getting crafty, why not hit the shops for an Easter inspired outfit. You’ll have to use your imagination here too. Dressing to the Easter theme will already mean you have your thinking caps on. Will you dress like a bunny, perhaps something with fur? Perhaps you’d prefer to be a colourful egg? Pattern and bright colours will help you stand out. Once you’ve decided on your creative Easter clothing, you’ll then be well and truly ready to get stuck in to your special Easter project.

Whether your Easter DIY session is about gifting something to yourself or you have an idea in mind for someone else, keep your project fun. Arts and crafts are best enjoyed when you’re passionate about what you’re making and your creation will serve a purpose in the end. If you don’t have a purpose for any of the crafts listed above, think of someone who would enjoy receiving one of these. You’ll truly make someone’s day, and it’s nice for your kids to be remembered for a lovely easter gift of happiness, right?

Do you have any other ideas? Share them below.

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