Want to buy that leather jacket? Maybe you should ask your partner first...
Want to buy that leather jacket? Maybe you should ask your partner first...

10 things your partner wishes you’d stop doing

Want to buy that leather jacket? Maybe you should ask your partner first...
Want to buy that leather jacket? Maybe you should ask your partner first…

Although it’s nice to believe we’re perfect and our partner thinks so too, there are most definitely times that we’re not. Our partners too, as much as they love us, also go through moments of wishing we would stop spending so long getting ready, or stop asking 1001 questions about every detail of their last night out.

Although most of the time we do our best to keep ourselves and those around us happy, there are certain things your partner really wishes you’d stop doing. Take it or leave it, here are a few of the most common annoyances:

1) Your partner hates it when you don’t consult them. Obviously not about everything you do. But it’s perhaps a good idea to consult your partner before you purchase that next big ticket item, or before you throw away all their ‘last season’ clothes and their favourite leather jacket.

2) When you expect them to be just like your friends. Fact of the matter is, we are all unique and different. If your partner has a different opinion to what your friends do, you might be better to just let it be. If we all had the same opinions and beliefs, life would be boring.

3) When you drag them around the mall for hours. Sure, shopping is generally a good time, more so if you’re purchasing lots of new goodies. However it’s not always such a good time if you’re watching someone make purchases and try on outfit after outfit. Fun for you, not so much for them.

4) The silent treatment. It’s ok to be mad, we all get mad. Usually though, it’s best to talk it out. Talking out your differences and what has upset you is a much smarter way to building more of a bond than the dreaded ‘silent treatment’. The silent treatment is a hostile punishment tool. Don’t make things more difficult by clamming up or stuffing your anger. Be honest and humble in your communication and remember, they’re not your enemy! The silent treatment generally leaves your partner wondering exactly they’ve done wrong.

5) Stop asking if you look ok when you go out. Of course you do! You’re loved for you and there’s a reason you’re together. Your partner thinks you’re fabulous. Plus, you’re only going to be happy if you got a ‘yes’ back anyway. What’s the point in asking?

6) When you’re a tad impractical. Trying to squeeze 100 activities into one day would be nice if the days were longer, but time is limited, and one or two activities in a day is quite fine by them.

7) Negativity. When something goes wrong, the world isn’t about to end. You’d be better off taking a nice deep breath, expressing your dissatisfaction with how things turned out, and then getting over it and moving on with a breath of fresh air.

8) When you completely blow the bank. Money doesn’t grow on trees unfortunately. Of course it would be nice if it did. But, thinking about your spending before you cost a fortune is usually a wise move.

9) Space invasion. Personal space is super important. When you’re not getting any, things can all become a little overwhelming. Give your partner some space once in awhile, they’ll be much happier and better to be around.

10) Leaving your clothes in a heap on the floor. What’s clean and what’s dirty? A pile of clothes on the floor is particularly confusing, and annoying to others. Especially to those that have spent the time to clean and fold your washing.

Are you guilty of any of the above? I’m sure we all have been at some point in our lives. It’s pretty hard to be the perfect partner. Need a new leather jacket? Consult your partner, shop for something that doesn’t cost the earth, and make sure you’re positive when you take them around the shops! If you do stumble on a patch where you feel like there’s some unresolved tension between yourself and your partner, it might pay to refer back to your trusty old list of things your partner wishes you’d stop doing.

Is there anything your partner does that really gets on your nerves?

If you’ve now got confirmation you can go ahead and get the leather jacket – why not start start the search with our selection below.

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