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Wowee, there are pages and pages of personalised gift ideas on the EziBuy website to choose from! Think special items for your children, perfect gifts for little nieces and nephews, God-Children, and seriously special gifts for a new baby (like the personalised engraved cutlery set) at their birth, dedication or a special event in their little lives.

I’ve pulled out some of the most practical ones in this post to share with you!


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60 personalised label packs

First up, one of the most practical personalised things you can own! Name labels! These packs come with three different designs to choose from and include 30 iron-on labels and 30 stick on dishwasher safe labels.

These are great for kindy’s and schools and any extra curricular activities your children go to. You can use iron-on labels for anything stretchy like uniforms, clothes and underwear, school bags, towels and togs and linens. When I ordered my own labels I was cheeky and ordered my last name only! It’s a recognisable unique last name and it means that I’ve been able to label all of our families clothing, including all of my daughters kindy gear and the grown-ups expensive coats and jackets that we don’t want to loose, all with the same label pack!

 The stick on labels are worth their weight in gold, they are so handy for containers, lunch boxes, drink bottles, baking containers, picnic and camping gear, and even beauty products that you don’t want to misplace! They can withstand water and hot washing and are a great addition to any kitchen!


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Personalised Drink Bottles | Personalised Back Pack

There are so many great back to school products to choose from, including a range of drink bottles, back packs, pencil cases and lunch boxes. Each product comes in a few different colour ways and you can add whatever name you want to them!

From about the age of 2.5+ Little People start to recognise letters and begin to quickly spot their own names amongst every day life. They find great joy in seeing their own name printed on something, especially if they know that its theirs. My daughter absolutely loves her printed lunch box that has “Camilla” on it so when we take it places there is no confusion about whose food is whose.

EziBuy Personalised 3Personalised Bean Bag Chairs

This is a great addition to a primary school aged or teenagers bed room! Who doesn’t love lounging in a bean bag with friends? I may be showing my youth here, but I have fond memories of the bean bags and blow up chairs of my youth!

You can now give them their very own with their name attached! These come in different colour ways, and are made of a heavy durable canvas material.

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Personalised Book

And finally, you can order your very own personalised picture book, complete with a story all about them! There are tonnes to choose from, and you can see the whole range of personalised books here.

My daughter would love the dinosaur adventures, fairies and frozen, and planes and cars! She can recognise some words and most letters, and she absolutely loves to see her name! These books would give her the biggest thrill!

I think the Christmas story would be such a sweet addition to the Christmas box, a special story brought out each year to read to your children! I love creating little traditions like that; it’s the kind of thing that makes a childhood magical!

Do you have any personalised items in your home? What are they? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Love, Sophie
You can find Sophie writing about parenthood and crafts on her blog Sophie Slim


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