Make your kids' birthday parties fun - but not too stressful!
Make your kids' birthday parties fun - but not too stressful!

Guide to: Kids’ Birthday Parties

Make your kids' birthday parties fun - but not too stressful!
Make your kids’ birthday parties fun – but not too stressful!

They might only come around once a year, but the thought of planning your child’s birthday sends some of us into panic mode.

Social media and parenting blogs have certainly piled on the pressure when it comes to hosting kids’ birthday parties. Their well-meaning advice on elaborate theming ideas and over-the-top planning can actually do more harm than good. After all, how many mums have the budget – and time – to pull together a party fit for the social pages?!

Stressing about whether the candles on the cake match the napkins for the birthday parties is unnecessary. After all, all that matters to your child is that they get to have a day surrounded by their friends! Give yourself a break, and keep things simple:

Pick a theme
There are so many fabulous ways you can celebrate your child’s birthday, so of course, it can seem a little overwhelming. It’s a great idea to make the event a reflection of your child’s personality and a celebration of their interests. Sit down with your child when you’re both in a good mood. Let them help you pick a theme. Their imaginations are capable of some fabulous creations which can often result in a really great and unique party idea.

You may think it to be unnecessary, but having a theme will help you set the whole agenda for the day. If you’re stuck for ideas, go with your child to a couple of party stores and see what’s easily available for you to work with.

Keep it fun for everyone
Whether you’re party planning for a girl or a boy, you’ll also need to think about their guests and what is going to be appropriate. It’s understandable that not all kids will have such a good time at a fairy party and will be stuck for what to wear. Others might feel the same about a Star Wars or a pirate themed party. Thankfully there are some fabulous alternatives to picking a gender specific party theme.

Some of the latest trending ideas to suit both male and female guests include:

  • Pool parties
  • Disco parties
  • Disney parties
  • Neon parties
  • Baking parties (where everyone has a chance to be chef!)
  • Bring or make your own kites
  • Superheroes
  • Sports carnival
  • Backyard movie night
  • Arts and craft party

Figure out the details
Once you have your theme, you’ll then be able to decide on decorations, food and games. The most important things to address in your planning include when the party is going to be? How long it will last? Where it’s going to be? The number of guests you’ll invite? What time of day works into your schedule? You don’t have to entertain all day–a few hours is more than enough. Getting these details set in stone will help relieve the planning pressure.

Let your child shine!
If the birthday boy or girl is happy, then your day will be a success! Make them feel special by selecting a birthday outfit for their day. With so many fabulous options for children’s party clothing, your child may need guidance about what makes them look amazing and also what is practical – but again, let them use their imagination too.

Remember your child’s birthday is a milestone celebration for you too, so smile and be happy you’ve completed another year of marvelous parenting! A happy child, full bellies, worn-out kids and great memories should be the only measure of success!

What other tips can you share for creating fun and successful birthday parties?

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