Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween in New Zealand and Australia is in an awkward “I really want to do it” but “It’s not worth committing to” stage. When your kids hear that you can get treats from neighbours one night a year and they have to dress up to do it, send them to their wardrobes first!

Rather than buying a costume they will break and never wear again, encourage them to put together some every day clothes for creative dress-ups!

When I was a child, I remember dressing up as a scarecrow, a hippy, a witch, all from everyday clothes! For fun, I’ve put together some outfit ideas from the EziBuy childrens range, just to show you how easy it is.

The Scarecrow

Pictured: Mid-wash dungarees | Check Shirt | Sunhat

The Scarecrow! One of my absolute favourite go-to’s for dress up parties. If you’ve got some denim, you can pull off a scarecrow. Add in some extra large freckles across a child’s nose and a straw hat and they’re set to go! The Black Cat

Pictured: Black chord skirt and tights set | Sparkle Shrug | Cat Beanie (with matching gloves) |

The black cat is about the most adorable kids costume there is. I love this wee cat beanie to finish it off, with the little ears poking up! CUTE! Your little cat will need a wee black triangle on their nose and whiskers, and if there’s time, a black pantyhose tail attached to their waist would be perfection.

Here’s some of my Trick or Treating Tips:

  • Accompany your small children to a few houses, immediate neighbours and any locals you know of will probably be enough excitement for them.
  • Trick or treat in daylight hours
  • Check their treats are all safe for eating, and for lollies, only ones that have been sealed.
  • Consider a Halloween party at home that people can come to if you’re not a fan of door knocking!
  • Have fun and get to know your neighbours a little better!

I hope you have lots of fun this Halloween! If you have little ones, you can make it a special time for them with a simple costume, and a little bit of anticipation!

Why not invite one of their little friends over for some safe trick-or-treating or a Casper the friendly ghost video party?

Leave a comment and let me know what Halloween traditions you have in your family. I’d love to know!

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