Kids Bedroom - Pink Inspiration

5 tips for decorating a kids bedroom

Kids Bedroom - Pink Inspiration

Is your child’s room overdue for a makeover? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to drab and hello to fab! You can really have fun when decorating your kids bedroom and remember there really are no rules.

Updates can be quick and easy, it’s about creating a space that invites play and creativity and reflects your child’s individual personality. So, read through these handy tips to get you inspired about your kids bedroom before you start!

Kid’s naturally love colour so it’s a no-brainer! Colour is a wonderful way to add vibrancy to a child’s room, it helps lift your mood, makes life more fun and helps children express their personality too. Colour can be introduced in so many ways – on walls, on the furniture, bedlinen, cushions, wall art and accessories. A vibrant painted wall treatment can change a kids bedroom room so much but if you want to stick to neutral walls and bring colour in with your decor and accessories, the options are endless too. Gathering ideas and creating a mood board is a good way to start planning your project as is creating a colour palette you can follow too.

It is important to create a space that they won’t outgrow too quickly. A good way to achieve a space that will adapt as they grow and will last the distance is to use more mature, geometric patterns for fabrics and keep the wall colours fairly neutral. Art and typographic prints are a great way to add colour to the walls and they can easily be changed over the years as their taste changes.

There are so many great wallpapers out there but if you don’t want to commit to a wallpaper then a great alternative is wall stickers and murals. This is a perfect way to get the look and then quickly and easily peel off when the next great trend comes along! You can also achieve a cost-effective stunning feature wall with paint and masking tape. The possibilities of what you can create like this are endless. Also consider using chalkboard paint to create a fun and functional wall where your children can write up their weekly schedule and younger kids will love being allowed to draw on their walls!

Redecorating need not be an expensive exercise buying all new furniture. Try giving current pieces of furniture a new lease of life by painting with bright colours or masking and painting with geometric shapes, be as brave or magical as you want. Storage is crucial in kids rooms as they seem to accumulate so much ‘stuff’! Baskets and bins can help get rid of clutter. Pieces that do double-duty, like a stool that can be a bedside table are handy. A desk in a well lit area for study or quite drawing time is a useful investment piece too. Try decorating a pin board so they can display photos and notices.

You can really have fun when it comes to accessorising the room. A bright floor rug, playful cushions, textured throws and wall art can really change the look of the room, without blowing the budget. For bedding, a striking duvet cover is central to the bedroom decor and this can easily take the room from bland to bright in an instant. Don’t forget interesting lighting too – a hanging pendant gives looks a modern look and a bedside lamp can add a pop of colour too.

Remember to spend a little time planning the your kids bedroom, this will save you time, money and effort and produce professional looking results. If you involve your children in the planning process and then encourage them to help in the execution of the updates they will feel even more like it is their own special space to enjoy.

Finally, if you feel you need a little more guidance on the finer details; check out our Essential Guide to Bedding and you’ll be away!

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