Seven quick and easy ways to warm and enrich your interior space this weekend...

The season change, is well and truly upon us. Shorter days, more time inside. Not only do colder temperatures change the activities that we pursue along with the hours that we keep but it even affects the way that we want our spaces to look.
Changing our decor as the months go by keeps our rooms visually interesting, but it also helps to keep us from feeling like we’re standing still as if the spaces that we live in don’t change along with us as we go through the year.
The changes you’re looking to make don’t have to be just cosmetic either, they can be functional as well. It’s always useful if the changes we make to our decor, even the functional ones, help to make our homes cosier for the new season.. These seven simple change swill help elevate your interior and provide comfort and warmth.

Accent Pillows.

You’ve probably heard this before, but it is worth repeating: whatever’s true for throw blankets in your space is even more true for pillows. If winter is a great excuse for bringing in your favourite throws, it’s an even better reason to indulge your pillow obsession. When looking to load up on pillows, keeping the colours simple, soft and neutral prevents the sofa from looking overly crowded and the patterns from seeming out of control.


Nothing beats a soft, warm and beautifully checked, woollen blanket for making your sense of comfort complete! These are our pick of the bunch. They look great and made from 100% wool are a steal.

Just make sure to grab one quick because you want a blanket to snuggle up under before it starts to get really cold outside.

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Food Trays

Food trays to brighten up the dullest mornings. Food trays are usually not on the list of things most needed around the house. However, they can noticeably contribute to creating a comfortable environment.

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A rug with a bright colour, texture or print is sure to liven up the interior. Be sure not to get one that’s too large for your space as it can end up making the room look smaller..

The natural texture of these rugs, combined with the neutral colour base helps to complete a soothing feel to your space.

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Never underestimate the effect bright colours and rich textures will have on your overall bedroom look. Pile on the cushions, quilts, duvets in brushed linens and crisp, cool cottons. You will never sleep better.

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The Throw

Be it on the couch, the bed or the arm-chair, a throw not only looks great but helps achieve warmth and texture. We are loving the colours and soft underlay these Plush Throws provide.

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