Colour can have a profound impact on mood and emotion—it's a powerful transformative design tool....

For some of us, despite pinning swoon worthy mood boards to bring our dream room to life, it usually doesn’t take long till the fear of actually creeps in and we retreat back to…White
If this sounds like you, fear not, because we have some top tips to ‘tempt you to experiment with a multitude of different hues’ and to help you embrace the endless possibilities and transformational qualities of colour.

If colour is new to you, chose one room to experiment with…

Colour can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time decorating. If you want to experiment but aren’t sure where to start… It’s a good idea to choose a small space, rather than the dining room, like a guest room or office. This will give you a chance to test new colourways or wallpaper patterns without making a major commitment. Be sure to map out a plan before you start, though. Like everything with decorating, it’s important to have an overall concept for your home before you begin colouring one particular room.


Accessorise with colour

If you don’t want to commit to changing the wall colour just yet, start with the soft furnishings. Cushions, rugs and throws are great ways to play with colour. A bold feature floor rug, brightly coloured lampshades, scatter cushions and wall art all combine to make an interesting scheme – but can easily be changed and updated over time.

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Which colours?

A great colour palate to create a relaxing space are dusky muted tones as opposed to highly saturated colours crate a more relaxed and subdued environment and are known to be be soothing and stress reducing.

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How to warm up the cool and sometimes cold bathroom spaces:

Injecting pops of bright colour, especially pinks and vibrant prints are effective ways to counteract the starkness of tiles and stone.

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Strike a colour and pattern compromise.

When dealing up the pattern, it’s sometimes best to dial down the colour to achieve a calmer, less chaotic effect. So if you have chosen to use a lot of pattern refrain from introducing any of the really bold and vibrant colours.

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