Do your bed justice, and layer it up in style.

It might take a bit of time and effort, but there is just something about a perfectly put together bed. The bed fundamentally takes up more visual and physical space in the bedroom than anything else. So, it makes sense to place lot of consideration into it’s design. Partly because it is always the focal point but also because we spend so much time in there.

So, what is the best way to style and dress the bed? Taking into consideration, we don’t always have all the time in the world each morning to put it together. The good news is it doesn’t take to much effort once you have the key elements you need. You can make it inviting appealing comfortable and gorgeous with minimal fuss.

Here’s a little how to from us.


A white and natural, calm and serene bed schematic is always lovely. But, a printed bedspread can do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to decor. A nice tip, fold your duvet in half and then pull the top part back into thirds to show off the pillows and layers.

We are loving the bright patterned yellow in the duvet cover below which is gently diffused by pairing it with the deep khaki cushions and black pinstripe linens.

bed 10


Adding a bedspread not only provides additional warmth, but is a great way to inject a strong colour element to the focal point of the room ( the bed) – It can also be a great update if you just want to temporarily cover a bright duvet cover in favour of a more neutral look. As below, in a sea of creme and white with just the right hit of black to add some pep.

Or, try a more nautical theme using stripes and accents of blues in the pillow’s and throw.



There is no going past the cushion when it comes to any kind of bed styling. They are a great way to juxtaposition design elements and colours. Match your larger shams to the duvet and place those behind the every day pillows.  As for accent pillows, ultimately it comes down to what you are willing to move each night. Three is a good rule of thumb, two that match in size and one smaller one in front.

We are loving the colourways in our latest linen additions..

 Striped Linen Cushion



Adding texture and layers through throws and blankets is a great way to add another dimension to your bedding. The aim in not to overdo it. Casual elegance and an effortless look that doesn’t try too hard is the perfect medium.

We are loving these textured cotton knitted throws. And we can’t ever go past velvet – Great to add a splash of colour and texture to a room.

Knitted Throw

Quilted Velvet Throw

Throws 2


Bedding is a great way to introduce pattern and colour into a room, plus its less permanent that painting the walls or changing the upholstery so can provide a nice quick fix. A foundation of crisp whites is a good start, and provides a place for the eye to rest once the other colour elements are introduced. Pick a pillow or sheet design with a border for a subtle colour injection. Or, go for vibrant splashes of texture and colour through throws and scatter cushions.


The Hotel Collection ( pictured far right) adds a regency feel and a subtle colour accent with a border print.

To add bold, vibrant colour try our Fiesta Duvet Cover, juxtaposed  with cushions of similar colour accents.

colour palate
colour palate 1

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