Small appliances that can do wonders for your kitchen...

Having the essential cooking tools in your cupboard will make your life so much easier. Of course, the most basic tools are all you need to start cooking delicious meals. But perhaps after you’ve saved all that money on home-cooked meals, you can check out our advanced tier of kitchen tools. This new range of exciting kitchen keepers can really elevate your range and ability to deliver restaurant quality food from your own kitchen – think crispy fried chicken, cooked to perfection in minutes, or homemade pizzas with light, crunchy bases and delectable toppings.

Check out our favourites below – With these items, you’ll be able to cook just about anything and start kicking butt in the kitchen!



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From deep fried chips, to light and crisp perfectly executed donuts, this deep-fryer will change the way you fry forever.


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Cook your meats to succulent perfection every tome with the Todo – Sous Vide Precision Cooker.


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This stylish looking popcorn maker not only looks sleek and shiny but delivers on superb popcorn in a jiffy.


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Pizza nights will never be the same, once you add this electric pizza maker to your collection. Crispy bases in minutes.


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Nutritious, tasty snacks and lunchbox fillers for 1/2 the price when you do it your self at home. Dried kiwifruit, apricots and so much more.


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Great coffee from the comforts of your own home. And, this machine looks great sleek and sharp sitting counter top.


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