I like to think I know what I’m doing in the kitchen, and after a decade of cooking in my own kitchen, here’s what I’ve learnt. Buy less and buy well. You don’t need a special tool for everything, all that does is clutter up your kitchen. Admittedly, there are some things that specific tools can make all the difference for aka cake mixers (no more pancake flat cakes, thank you very much)

So, if you find yourself pontificating about which knife buy? Or never have on hand the things you really need when food prepping, then please read on for first-hand experience on what will really help you fill in the blanks and ease your kitchen adventures rather than just collecting dust.



Whether you want to take the remnants of last night’s dinner to work tomorrow, or you want a container big enough to store an entire roast chicken, this set will meet all your needs. Plus they are oven safe, so you can throw it back into the oven to reheat.


When I bought my first home, I was gifted a set that are very similar set to these. Very solid, well balanced and long lasting. Plus anything more than a six set, unless you are deboning fish is just not necessary.


Sundays wouldn’t be the same without the Sunday roast and for many, one of the few weekly occasion we actually have to all sit round the table. This roasting tray is big enough to comfortably house a bird (or a leg) plus the vegetables. It’s great for grilling or baking too….


This is an an investment, but if you are anything like me, and baking is not your strong point, it makes all the difference in the world between the kids having pancake flat birthday cakes to big beautiful castle high numbers – The rising is something to do with the beating element, if you under whip of over whip you are in trouble, and the proof is in the pudding, quite literally. My cake mixer was a game changer in this department.


If you eating your five plus a day, cutting boards will be a must. These one’s are bamboo and are officially called a Cheese Board Trio. The larger one is great for platters, the middle size for vegetables and the smaller one is useful when relegated to a garlic and onion board – It does pay to slice the more pungent veggies on their own board.


A three piece set of pots is about all you will really need.  A small one for sauces, beans and the like. A medium sizes for curries and one pot wonders. And, a stock pot for large batches of pasta, boiling corncobs and making soup. Much like the knives, any more than these and you will probably find they don’t get used.


Hands down, one of the handiest tools in the kitchen. You can puree soups in the pot. Make hummus and dips, or blend up vinaigrettes with fresh chopped herbs. Also, great for pureeing up baby food, if you’ve made from scratch as I always used to do… This one is super easy to wash, just pop off the blade. Plus it has a whisk and a grinder attachment.


Especially when baking, these things are worth their weight in gold. Take the guessing out of cooking and baking forever.

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