How do you organise your wardrobe?

Keeping your wardrobe tidy is hard work. You need to actively work on keeping it tidy twice a day – once when you are getting ready in the morning and then twice when you undress at night time. It can be quite laborious to tidy on odd occasions, so if you ensure you keep up with the upkeep you won’t need to spend so much time on keeping a tidy wardrobe in the future.

We asked for tips and tricks on keeping a wardrobe tidy over on Facebook page, and from over 200 tips and tricks we’ve selected the best 10 tips.

Tips and Tricks for keeping your wardrobe tidy

    1. “Pack clothes and linen/bedding away depending on the season (you don’t need those lovely flannel sheets in Summer or that winter-weight duvet)” from Lalita
    2. “I love storing my sheet sets inside their matching pillowcase so it makes it easy to find the set and looks tidy in the cupboard smile emoticon love this clothing rack to Ezibuy, can already imagine it in my daughters room with her dresses on.” from Lorraine
    3. “My best organising tip is… organise yourself at least an hour before, the pressure of time can kill any best laid plans” from Juanita
    4. “Use a different-coloured washing basket for each of your children’s laundry to make putting clothes away fast and efficient.” from Fiona
    5. “My favourite organising tip. Hang your scarves from shower curtain rings and then on a coat hanger. Mine are on the wall so i can see them all for easy picking.” from Fiona
      Coat Hanger Tip for keeping your wardrobe tidy
    6. “If you haven’t worn it in 1-2 years get rid of it, because you probably won’t wear it again. Or if you own something that’s too small or to big ditch it instead of the clothing sitting round.” from Emma
    7. “Keep shoes on shelves in their boxes with the face out to see style, colour and in order of high, low, open, sandal”

      Shoes kept in boxes will help keep your wardrobe tidy
      Shoes kept in boxes will help keep your wardrobe tidy
    8. “I like to hang jerseys and t-shirt that crinkle easy so I have space in our drawers for everything else. Helps with clutter and messy drawers” from Jemma
    9. “I keep my scarves in a shoe storer on the back of my bedroom door.” from Amanda

      Store scarves in a shoe hanger on the back of the door
      Store scarves in a shoe hanger on the back of the door
    10. “Put the washing basket as close as possible to where my partner takes off his clothes… Some might accidentally land in there then!” from Kirsty

Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping your wardrobe tidy?

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