What does your bedroom say about you?

What Does Your Home Interior Design Say About You?

It’s likely you’ve walked into a room before and the home interior design has given you an instant impression about the type of person who lives there – their likes, interests, hobbies and personality.

Consider your own home – do you feel that the home interior design aligns with who you are, or is it lacking the right kind of energy for you? Some of us like the show-home order of a modern and minimalist look, others revel in the comfort of a cosy and colourful space, while others get energy from eclectic and eccentric surroundings.

Whatever your vibe, the trick to feeling truly at home is to style your living space so it’s a reflection of who you are and what you love.

Why style to suit your personality?
Just like fashion, home decor and homeware trends can come and go. Instead of choosing the style of your home decor based on passing trends, styling your home based on your personality will mean you’re not going to quickly tire of your interiors and you’ll avoid feeling that your decor has quickly ‘dated’ or gone out of fashion.

You want your home to feel, well, homely. A space where you can feel free to relax, unwind, retreat, entertain, have fun and escape in a way that is personal to you and your family. Our homes should feel like our own oasis, so it makes sense that they should reflect who we are and what we love by surrounding ourselves with things that make us feel uplifted. In short, your home – your most personal space – should be an extension of your personality.

Set the mood
Don’t forget too, the choices that you make when it comes to your home decor have the power to affect your mood and emotions. Therefore you want to make decisions about your interior design that are going to leave you feeling great every time you walk in the door.

Not surprisingly, colour choice plays a big part in this. As you start to consider your home’s interior, make sure that you choose colours that work for the tone or feeling you want to create in the space.

Colour is also a great way to bring a bit of personality into your home. Pops of colour and vibrancy are bold and uplifting, especially if you’re someone who loves modern and contemporary styling. Don’t be afraid to do this, even in small spaces. Softer colours and clean white tones can elicit a sense of space and tranquility if you want to create a cool and calm living area.

What does your living space say about you?

Value: Capulet Bedcover and Maria Throw
Value: Capulet Bedcover and Maria Throw

Warm & welcoming
Are you someone who wants to make everyone feel comfortable? Then it’s likely your home is filled with lots of throws, blankets, pillows and rugs to create an atmosphere that feels just like home.

Beautifully Traditional: Lucien Bedcover
Beautifully Traditional: Lucien Bedcover

A taste for the traditional
If you have softer looking furnishings, perhaps with a mix of mums old tea cups and your gran’s favourite lamp, then you’re probably someone who values family, memories and tradition. Opt for complementary homewares that will stand the test of time and add a bit of character to your home.

What does your home's interior design say about you? Designer Choice Florence Duvet Set
Clean and Clutter-free: Designer Choice Florence Duvet Set

Clean and simple
If your kitchen bench is completely bare and your bathroom amenities are hidden from view then it could be that you’re an A-type personality who feels more comfortable when rooms are clutter free. You’re likely to go for more modern homewares and furniture with sleek lines.

What does your home's interior design say about you? Luella Quilt
Love the Look: Luella Quilt

Mixed and matched
Do you have a variety of art and photographs on the wall? Does your Peruvian throw contrast perfectly with your oriental lamp? You’re not afraid of colour and you want to express your creativity through your home. Ethnic homewares, crafty pieces and eclectic finds are perfect for making you feel at home.

What’s your decorating personality?
Not sure where to start when it comes to figuring out your home styling personality? If you’re really stuck, take a fun quiz to get you started! It will help you determine a starting point for really making your house feel like a home.

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