Homewares Inspired for Warm Weather

Our Home team have been busy getting ready to bring us the best warm-weather inspired homewares. No longer will the cold bring us down! Get ready for summer with stellar pieces that will bring the sunshine indoors and create holiday getaway-vibes from the comfort of your home.


Linen is summer’s favourite fabric. It’s lightweight, natural and temperature-regulating. It’s also antibacterial and anti-fungal! That’s got to be a bonus on those sweaty summer nights. The best quality linens last for years and years, and actually become stronger, softer and more scrumptious after every wash. If you’re not into the wrinkled look, linen is easily ironed. However we think the crinkled effect gives texture and added personality, and is what makes linen so charming! Believe it or not, but linen bedding actually works as a tiny bedtime masseuse… The little breaks in the fibres have a massaging effect on the body as you sleep. It softens the skin and helps keep pH levels in check thanks to its natural qualities.

Hampton Stripe Duvet Cover Set

Laidback Luxury

Understated elegance is seen in classic detailing that adds another dimension to bedroom interiors. Soft yet crisp and cool, EziBuy’s newest range of bed-covers and quilt sets are a must-have. If you’re looking for an easy way to add luxury, introduce refined quilting and stitch detailing to your bedding. The beauty in the way the light hits and casts shadow across the fabric is unrivaled.

Stitch Quilt Set


Woven furnishings are timeless and the epitome of cool trans-summer style. Rattan, a wood not unlike the palm tree that boasts a super-strong core and hardy nature, will never date – it’s available in an array of natural colours as well as paints and stains that will uplift and inspire any setting, be it indoors or out, furniture or décor. It’s sustainably grown as well as easy to clean. What more could you want?

Rattan Tray

Summer Colours

Elevated simplicity is summer’s new catchphrase. Muted greys are enhanced with subtle pinks and blues to create a sumptuous colour story that will welcome you home after a hard day’s slog at the beach. If you’re looking for something with a bit more pep, a statement pop of bright yellow will have you ready for the sun.

Empire Velvet Linen Cushion

Timeless Prints

There are two patterns that are integral to chic home décor and never go out of style – stripes and botanic-inspired prints. This season we’re seeing a neutral stripe update that, when blended with the understated grace of linen fibres, creates a refreshing and uplifting look. Botanics are monochromatic and contrasting, perfect for your backyard or a gift for any gender, or classic garden florals that soften up any interior.


Autumn Flowers Duver Cover Set


If this summer-inspired post has got your creative juices flowing, check out these summer trends for the warmer months too!

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