Australian based, photographer and mother of three, Shanelle Smith shares her daughters new bedroom makeover with EziBuy....

It’s been two years since Shanelle Smith’s daughters, Everly and Valli starred in an EziBuy campaign for Pumpkin Patch Kids. Since then Shanelle has worked with EziBuy on a Christmas promotion campaign and more recently shared some images of her two beautiful girls’ bedroom décor.

Now Shanelle has just become a mum of three, a role she balances alongside her photography career.

We recently interviewed Shanelle and caught a glimpse of her life in Mandurah, Australia where she discusses her interior ethos and how being a photographer comes into play when curating her own home.

Hi Shanelle, congratulations on the arrival of your new baby, Alva! As a busy working mum of three, how do you manage to keep your home practical as well as functional?

I’d like to say we are a minimalist family. The girls share a room – so this is just for sleep and their clothes, which keeps their room always clean! They have a specific toy room which at the end of the day houses all their toys and crafts, making it easier to keep the rest of the house that bit tidier. But ask me again in a months time now we have a newborn – things may be a little different!

How would you describe your interior aesthetic?

I am not one who goes above and beyond with interior. It’s more as it comes to me or when we can afford it and what we would love to buy – then we splash out and get it! We have a beautiful home and each room is curated with style and meaning. I love Pinterest and Instagram – being able to scroll and see inspiration on ideas and products that you can visualise in your house really gets me motivated. Being a photographer I love to style and shoot the house in all different angles, see what goes where best! Rearranging each room, making it feel all fresh again.

What does home mean to you?

To myself, home is somewhere where my family can feel safe and secure – a place where we all want to come at the end of the day. A place where we love to share our stories and adventures of what we have been up to.

How do you feel your home reflects your personality?

We have always lived near the ocean and fortunately for us this means within walking distance. I describe my personality as laid back – if we ever feel under pressure we go for walks along the beach, the ocean and sand ground us all. I would say our home does reflect all our personalities – each room whether it’s inside or outside of the home has a little bit of each of us.

Do you have any design principles around how you introduce colour and texture into your home?

Colours are important to my home design – when we lived north in Exmouth I fell in love with rusty earth tones, it became my go to for homeware and linen.

Moving south, here in Mandurah, I have kept my then love for colour and texture but now it is a little softer and gentler. The EziBuy neutrals have blended into our home perfectly.

I knew with the girls’ room I wanted a block colour for their doona (no patterns as their room is quite small), so the Terra Rosa Calisia Duvet Cover was perfect with the Cotton Knitted Throw to break it up just enough. Both colours and textures are ones I’ll be able to mix and match for summer as well.

For more from Shanelle, follow her on Instagram at @shanellesmith_ and @shanellesmithphotography.


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