Work-ready Spring Wardrobe

I know it’s hard to think about Spring when it’s still pretty cold and miserable outside (although as I write this, the sun is shining gloriously so it’s a little easier to imagine), but Spring will be here before we know it.

Plus, with all this amazing Spring fashion hitting the stores, now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your work wardrobe ready for those warmer, longer days.

So let’s look at a few items that will slot right into your work wardrobe, and make it Spring-a-fied (that’s totally a word right?)

EziBuy blazersSHOP THE LOOK: Capture blazer in Atlantic, Soft Coral and Pink $69.99

A blazer is ALWAYS a god investment, for work or play, but a great way to add some Spring colour into your work look is with a blazer that (gasp!) isn’t black! That’s right, there are heaps of other gorgeous colours to choose from, so why not try something different for Spring.

Monochrome for workGET THE LOOK: Emerge spot shirt $64.99 | Next scoop neck sweater $38.00 | EziBuy spot bag $19.99 | EziBuy pointed leather flats $79.99

Monochrome is that trend that just keeps on giving! But it’s here yet again and by adding some white into your mainly black winter looks, you’ll be working one of Spring’s hottest trends before you know it!




GET THE LOOK: Capture stripe dress $69.99 | Capture Floral Shift dress $69.99 | Capture Graphic Shift dress $69.99

A great printed dress is always a nice way to get back into the Spring-of-things (see what I did there? Sorry, couldn’t help myself). All these dresses are great for work, the length is long enough, they have enough arm coverage (or add a blazer if you want more) and they are stylish and sophisticated. What more could you want in a work frock?

So there are some really great pieces to get your Spring Work Wardrobe started. Here are a few more tips to get you on your way.

1. Spring = Colour, so if in doubt, choose the more colourful option

2. Floral prints are always huge for Spring, if you are a floral kinda gal, them this is the season for you, if not, maybe look at more graphic prints

3. You can still wear these new Spring styles through the end of Winter. Just add some opaque tights, ankle boots and a great coat to your new Spring clothes and you can rock them at work NOW too!

So have fun with your Spring shopping! Let me know how you go in the comments below – what’s your favourite Spring EziBuy piece so far?

Until Next Time,

Happy Shopping

Cait xoxo

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