Winter Getaway: What to Pack

What to Pack for your Winter Getaway

Packing for a winter getaway can be a bit daunting, what with all the layers and accessories a cold climate calls for – so we’ve decided to take the effort out of it and complied some of our must-haves that are as versatile as they are warm and stylish – so you can spend more time skiing and sipping hot chocolate instead of sifting through your suitcase!


A puffer – you’ll be living in this, so make sure it comes with all the bells and whistles like pockets, a hood or a faux-fur trim collar that will elevate the warmth of a scarf. There are tonnes of fashion-focused puffer jackets around these days. Grabbing a longline one with figure-flattering panels or a drawstring waist will ensure you don’t stray anywhere near frumpy-town. You can wear this on the way to your destination, too – saving you space in your suitcase, and it can even double as a blanket on the plane or in the car. A waterfall-collared coat is another super-versatile yet stylish option, especially if it’s in a chic colour or print. It won’t take up too much packing space and can be worn over anything – chuck on thermals and a scarf for extra warmth and throw it on over skinny jeans and a merino knit.

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Thanks to their ability to work with almost any outfit, sneakers are a must-have for every suitcase, especially traveling where comfortable and practical shoes are a must. We suggest bringing two pairs – dark sneakers won’t show as many stains from mud and slush, and a fresh white pair will add model-off-duty chic to any look. Ankle boots suit a range of silhouettes, and they’re easy to get on and off. Bring a pair with a bit of embellishment that can be worn out to dinner after exploring all day.

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Choose your knits wisely – when packing for a holiday, versatility and convenience is key. There’s no need to be packing a whole bag full of knitwear when you can find a few foundation pieces for endless outfit combos. We love a striped sweater – they’re endlessly chic and are an easy-wearing alternative to plain black as they pair well with almost anything. High-neck pullovers can add an extra layer of interest, and warmth of course, to an otherwise simple outfit. As for fibres, merino is the way to go here, as cotton is heavy, bulky and takes longer to dry. A long-sleeved merino top can be worn as a thermal underneath your outfit, or worn as a top on its own.

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Hats & accessories

Hats and beanies are great for winter holidays. Not only because they keep your head warm but they let you off the hook from worrying about your hair every day. Scarves are a necessity, so pack a thick knitted snood to wear on the way and a lightweight, printed woven in case the temperature calls for it. To make organisation a breeze, we love a little travel bag set. These must-haves allow you to; separate clean socks and underwear from worn, keep your cords and chargers in one place and other bits and bobs from getting lost. Gloves take up hardly any room, yet will add a whole lot of comfort.. if you don’t pack them, you’ll soon be heading to an overpriced store to grab them!


Extra tips & tricks

The simple trick to packing is this – don’t bring anything you wouldn’t normally wear. Nothing weighs your holiday down more than an over-packed suitcase. So, if you haven’t worn something similar in the last year, you won’t wear it on holiday either. Another hack to free up room in your bag is to stick to using a red lipstick instead of lugging your jewellery with you to wear out for dinner or a night out. It adds pep to an outfit and can take you from day to night with little effort. And, if you don’t have thermal leggings and it’s too late to pick up a pair – don’t stress – thick stockings to the rescue! Pop a pair in your travel bag for wearing under pants and boots for an extra layer of toastiness.

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