Winter Evening Wear – Ideas for Looking your best

With winter well under way in Australia and New Zealand, it is becoming harder for women throughout the country to get dressed up to the nines for some well-deserved evenings out.
Believe it or not, it is possibe to stay warm during your evening while still striking the perfect balance between style and suitability. A Layered Knit Dress is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Keep your legs warm with some skin-coloured pantyhose, throw on some heels and let the partying begin!

If you’re after something a little less “office-like”, a Lace Maxi may be just the thing. Although your arms will be bare, a full-length dress should be enough coverage for the cooler months. The lace is bound to turn heads and the tie around the waist gives it that extra flare.

While black is easy and comfortable, softer colours work well in winter and you’ll be sure to stand out. Black tights and boots would match well. Although the say “pain is beauty”, there’s no need to be painfully cold to look beautiful on a night out.

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