Get Winter ready with the Capture Knit Dress
Get Winter ready with the Capture Knit Dress

Complete the Look with Winter Dresses

Get Winter ready with the Capture Knit Dress
Get Winter ready with the Capture Knit Dress

With winter having well and truly arrived, just because it’s cold and windy outside doesn’t mean you can’t look great when going out!

There are stunning dresses this season that will keep you toasty and warm whilst still looking feminine and elegant. Styles range from a simple but beautiful ponti dress, warm and comfortable knit dress or stylish and flattering cocoon dress.

Choosing a new dress means you’ll have more options that will effortlessly sync with your year round go-to pieces. Plus longer sleeves will help keep the biting cold at bay. It will not only update your wardrobe but it will give you options for layering up no matter how temperamental the weather!

Some important tips to consider when shopping for a winter dress:

Consider the hemline on a dress. You’ll want to make sure it’s age appropriate by being anywhere from just below the knee to slightly above the knee. This length is appropriate for practically any occasion.

The other thing to consider is the neckline. Necklines are the main thing that people see when talking to you and are always part of the first impression you leave. If you’re wearing a dress to work, a neckline that’s more reserved or corporate may be in order. However if you’re going out on the town, you may want something that shows a little more cleavage.

Where to show off your new winter dress:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a young twenty-something, a stay at home mum or corporate leader, the right winter dress can have a lasting impression. You can look as down to earth as Reese Witherspoon or as glam as Gwen Stefani.

Many winter dresses will work in a variety of environments. You can wear a nice ponti dress to work, then by simply swapping a few accessories, wear the same dress out to after work drinks. Your work mates will think you’ve changed your entire outfit.

The right knit winter dress can look great on you when doing something as ordinary as grocery shopping. You won’t have to put in much effort, but you’ll still look amazing. Or spend a few extra minutes on your hair and some light makeup, and you’re good to go for meeting friends for a coffee date!

What you need to make it work:

Dressing for the occasion is all about being comfortable, which means being warm but also having the confidence that your outfit looks great. Accessories are a great way to add something to an outfit as well as help cut the chill.

• Tights, tights, tights! Having the right tights or leggings will make sure your legs stay warm but look great. If you have both a black and cream pair, you’ll be ready to look good in plain colours or florals and prints.

• Knee high boots are a girl’s best friend in winter. They protect you from the wind and rain and will compliment any dress. You’ll also be less prone to slipping over than if you’re wearing heels! This doesn’t mean heels don’t have their place though. If you’re primarily office based during the day, heels or flats can work just as well.

• We all have a favourite winter scarf, right? If you don’t, there are lots of options out there that will work with multiple outfits and styles. A scarf doesn’t just look good, but means that you’ll have more than your morning coffee to keep you warm.

• What you wear underneath is totally up to what makes you feel sexy and comfortable. However, if you are wearing a dress that’s a little more form fitting, you may want something that gives a little more control over your problem areas. Support underwear will do the trick and best of all, no-one will even know!

• Last but definitely not least, you need to have a great winter coat. Ideally, you’ll have more than one in your wardrobe. A good coat will make an entrance and leave an impression. There are many styles and fits out there, so make sure you have one that will enhance your body type and figure.

At the end of the day, a nice winter dress will help to brighten up even the gloomiest winters day. You’ll look fabulous, and can almost guarantee people will be asking “Where did you get your dress from?”

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