What's in Noemie's Handbag?
What's in Noemie's Handbag?

What’s in Noemie’s Handbag?

What's in Noemie's Handbag?
What’s in Noemie’s Handbag?

Product Developer Lingerie/Sleepwear/Shapewear/Activewear/International partnerships, Noemie Hirsch explains what’s in her handbag and why it remind her of her home country, France.

Two small notebooks – One for general thoughts and the other one for the shopping list and other to do list.
I like to be organized so that its frees me some time to do something else J

A pocket mirror – Really tiny and very useful.

My iPhone – Not the most recent one but still works and always useful to take pictures at work of the new garment collection we are working on.

A facial spray – Kind of a must to refresh my face at any moment during the day.

Home keys/Office Key/Car keys – They make a special noise, so when I am in a hurry I shake my bag and I know for sure which one are inside! Also the bird key ring is a gift from my mum to remind myself where I come from.

The lipstick of the day – Always nice to top up during the day and look fresh at any moment

Hand cream – I love looking after my hands I think it is really important and I love the Weleda brand because it is organic and the mandarin scent is really lovely. On top of that it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on my hands.

Card holders – I don’t have a wallet because I don’t really like to carry cash. I will be willing to spend it quite quickly on things I don’t really need so instead I have card holders that holds all my life.

My Kindle – My parent gifted me one for Xmas so that my mum doesn’t have to send me French books anymore. I really like it and I spend more time reading than ever. Plus the cover is matching my handbag color which I love!

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