Wearing Winter Florals

We love winter florals, and so should you! As tempting as it is, getting carried away with a plain coloured wardrobe this winter can leave your outfits simple but uninspired. What about compromising with some gorgeous, vibrant patterns to break it up; in the form of florals! Though flowers may conjure up the image of summer, we love these dark and elegant winter-worthy florals. Take control of your wardrobe and add some floral inspiration!

Keep it elegant
This means an elegant cut, fitting or flattering to really look a million bucks. Also keep the colours and the pattern itself elegant- see our tips below!

Avoid neon and overly bright colours
Keeping with the theme of elegance, the colours in the pattern should stay away from intensely bright colours and definitely fluoro and neons. We adore the dark florals showing up with dark oranges and yellows combined with understated purples and reds.

Keep your flowers large
The trend this season is generally larger flowers within the pattern on your garment. We love how it’s easier to see from far away the gorgeous colours that make up the pattern. The actual size of the individual flower in the latest floral styles is smaller than your hand but not smaller than several fingernails. Also, pick a print where flowers cross over giving a more old-fashioned oil painting look to your garment like it is part of a still-life image.

Get something with a winter cut
Keep the weather in mind. This can mean frost in the mornings and icy winds so we assume your general rule will be to stay warm and keep layering until you are warm enough. Luckily, florals don’t only appear on strappy summer dresses so make sure to pick long-sleeved blouses, longer skirts, covering shoes if you are choosing out your winter floral item. Slip a plain coat over the top when it’s cold too – you can always show off your gorgeous new blouse when you get to the office if the central heating is on.

Impressionist winter florals outshine unrealistic

Leave the cartoon flowers on your shower curtains, the latest florals pave the way with gorgeously realistic flower patterns. We love seeing the individual petals and the dark shadows that appear on these. Flowers don’t need to be associated with little girls anymore – we have some gorgeous grown-up designs on offer!

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