What to Wear to a Summer Wedding


Summer is coming, and with summer comes the wedding season: when you get to dress up pretty and celebrate a (hopefully lasting) union between people you care about. When I spotted the Capture V Neck Maxi dress in the latest catalogue I knew it would be the perfect dress to wear to summer weddings. The print is interesting but not so much that it will distract attention from the bride, and there’s a little hint of glam with a sequin detail around the neckline.


The sun came out beautifully this weekend so I could road-test the dress, and it certainly passed the comfort test. I wore it out to brunch and was relieved to see the back of my skirt wasn’t covered in wrinkles when I stood up from the table. The long skirt keeps you cool, AND there’s no need to shave your legs if you don’t want to! (Side-note: I never shave my legs, but I do sometimes appreciate a maxi skirt so I can avoid people’s judgmental looks and occasional comments.)


Here’s the point where I remind myself that I’m a beauty blogger, not a fashion blogger, so let’s talk about makeup. Weddings are a nice excuse to put a bit on even if you wouldn’t usually, but I like to keep it simple. If the celebrations involve eating, drinking and dancing the last thing you want to be worried about is whether your lipstick has stayed on!


For this makeup look I went for a light coverage on the skin. If you’re going to be out in the sun I can’t stress enough the importance of good sunscreen. Often BB or CC creams will contain SPF protection, and will give you a lightweight, natural finish. Only place powder where you really need it.

I put a little bit of shimmer around my eyes with a multi-dimensional eyeshadow, but I kept the colour neutral so that it doesn’t look garish. The sparkly detail around the neckline of the dress coordinates with a taupe shimmer perfectly! Finish with some mascara and a slick of pink lipgloss.


Don’t forget accessories! Weddings are a great excuse to pull out a stylish sunhat or even a fascinator. I like this Straw Contrast Sunhat and Next Tortoiseshell Cat Eye Sunglasses.


What do you think? Would you wear this to a summer wedding?

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