What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Da dum de dum, da da dee dum…… It’s almost that time of year again. Wedding season is fast approaching (including my own!) so I though it was best that we get the ball rolling early and start to look at different options for guests, Mother of the Bride and Groom and even bridesmaids!

Nowadays, the most common theme seems to be ‘Lounge Suit’ so we are going to focus on that. Generally Lounge Suit requires the boys to be in some type of day-time suit, and girls in something elegant and dressy, but not super-formal. So here are my suggestions from the range at EziBuy on how to dress for a Spring Lounge Suit wedding.


The Guests

The guest_eziBuy

SHOP THE LOOK (left-right) Capture print dress | Grace Hill asymmetrical shift | Together crinkle dress

Dress length – short or long is fine, but a ball gown is probably too much. If there is grass or gravel involved, a wedge could be a good option too. You can go for either a print or a bold colour, but I would generally suggest staying away from black if you can. It’s springtime! Bright and fun is the way to go.

With these three options from EziBuy, you’ve got all your bases covered. Team the print dress back with some pretty nude wedges like THESE, or pumps like THESE. The bold colour of the Grace Hill Shift dress will work well with a gorgeous sparkly necklace like THIS, and opt for a glamorous clutch to dress up the Together maxi dress.


Mothers of The Bride or Groom

What a special day! You want to look your best, but feel comfortable doing it. Here are three perfect options to look the part on your child’s special day.

Mother of Bride


SHOP THE LOOK (left to right) Grace Hill jacquard square neck dress (worn with Grace Hill Jacquard Jacket) | Grace Hill lines dress | Grace Hill lace dress

All three of these gorgeous frocks offer a sleeve, they are a suitable length and the detail in the fabrics is gorgeous! There are so many amazing options from EziBuy, it was hard to choose just three.


This can actually be quite a stressful choice for the bride-to-be (speaking from first hand experience right now!) There are so many things to keep in mind when choosing bridesmaid dresses – the shape and size of your maids, the theme and feel of your wedding, and the cost – to mention just a few things! Here are three different options from EziBuy that could start to make the choice that much easier!


SHOP THE LOOK (left to right) Grace Hill lace mesh maxi | Together crinkled lace dress (also available in navy and pale pink) | Grace Hill fit and flare spot dress

Whether it’s long and floaty, whimsical and feminine or fun and flared, the options are endless. The gorgeous Together crinkle dress comes in a variety of colours – you could mix and match depending on the bridesmaids, or you could have them all looking amazing floating down the isle in the long teal Grace Hill Maxi – what ever you choose, your girls will look divine.

My biggest piece of advice (both as a Style Coach, and bride-to-be) is start shopping now! These is nothing worse than the pressure of a pending event to push you into panic-buying mode. Choose early and choose well and whether you are guest, proud mama or bride-slave (ehm, -maid) you’ll be feeling fabulous on the bride and groom’s big day.

Until Next Time,

Happy Shopping (and wedding planning!)

Cait xoxo

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