How to Wear a Midi Skirt

Every now and then there’s a style of clothing that just works on almost everyone. And I’m LOVING that one of these said styles is right on trend right now – The Midi Skirt.

It is as it sounds, a skirt of mid-length (not quite mini, not quite maxi, more like somewhere in between). They can be fitted (like a pencil skirt) or more on the full side, like this one from Capture – buy it HERE.


The beauty of this kind of skirt is that it’s quite a versatile style. Not only does it suit most people, but it can be dressed up or dressed down to suit most occasions.


Got Curves? If you have a little bit more in the hip and behind area, this skirt will skim right over it! Make sure you define your waist by a) tucking your top in, or b) matching it back with a crop top (see below)

More Straight Up and Down? If you don’t have much of a defined waist and you want to give yourself some more feminine curve, just throw this on (make sure you tuck your top in) and voila! Instant curves! The shape of the skirt gives the illusion that your waist is smaller than your hips and thighs, creating curves in all the right places.

No matter what your shape though, make sure you wear this skirt ON YOUR NATURAL WAIST! no hip-riding for this little lady. It’s designed to be high-waisted and you should wear it that way, so order your normal size.


I’ve styled this gorgeous lace skirt (in the white colour) two different ways with other clothes from my wardrobe to show you how versatile a skirt like this is! I’ve styled it for day-time – with just a simple striped tee and wedges. Perfect for coffee with the girls, a family do, or even a relaxed work place.

Capture lace midi skirt from EziBuy_1




Or, rock it out at nighttime with dark colours and some heavier makeup. Perfect for date night, dinner with friends or a fancy event you are heading to!

Capture lace skirt from eziBuy _4


Capture Lace skirt from EziBuy_3

The versatile nature of this fabric makes it a great addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. I love the white because it’s a refreshing change from all the black we’ve been wearing over winter.

If black is more your thing, rock it with some bright colours for the warmer months, a great pair of bright heels would look amazing with either colour!

So tell me, are you a midi skirt convert now? Is it a style you would consider? Or are you already rocking them! Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

Until next time,

Happy shopping

Cait xox


Caitlin is a Style Coach and Fashion Writer over on her website – check it out for most posts like this one



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