Update your wardrobe with new ankle boots
Update your wardrobe with new ankle boots

How to Style and Wear the Ankle Boot 5 Ways

Update your wardrobe with new ankle boots
Update your wardrobe with new ankle boots!

With just a few weeks left until Winter dictates our weekends once again we can, in all of our wintery excitement, bring out our boots from the closet.

To get you in the mood for a wonderful and fashionable Winter, we bring to you 5 trendy ways of wearing your trusty ankle boot. That’s right, bring out the boots from retirement and get inspired with ways to spruce up your feet and overall Winter look.

The Pointed Ankle Boot

The pointed ankle boot is celebrated for its knack to make your outfit of skinny jeans and a cable knit look sophisticated. To give an impression of greater length in your legs turn your skinny jean hem inwards and upwards to show off a little bit of ankle. If you’re feeling edgy, then turn the hem outwards and upwards so it is exposed on the outside. Venture over to the wild side.

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The Heeled Dress Boot

The heeled dress boot is the perfect shoe for wearing with your seasonally grey midi skirt. With the hem falling gracefully over your knees your outfit becomes the definition of professional. This look will give you the lift that you need to feel glamorous and stylish in your day job, especially worn with a skirt as elegant as that below which swishes as you glide in your new found boot confidence.

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The Heeled Vampire Boot

This heeled vampire boot is the statement boot to style the rest of your outfit around. With that extra bit of height covering the ankle this boot is perfect for lengthening your body, especially when styled with this season’s trend of layering up your apparel. Accessorise with a pair of grey socks peeping over the top and slip on a black pencil skirt, pop on a crisp white shirt with a perky collar, and wrap a linen grey scarf around your neck. You’ll find all parts of your body perfectly proportioned!

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The Heeled Buckle Boot

This heeled buckle boot would work beautifully with a pair of low denier tights, or no tights at all if you can brave the cold, and a gorgeous flared dress such as that below. To wear your ankle boot with a dress it works best if you make sure the hem falls just above the knee, so that you can create the longest leg line possible, thereby creating an image of youthful stylishness.

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The Brogue Boot

The brogue boot is a warmer take on the classic brogue. We feel this warmer theme needs to be followed through to accentuate the winteriness of this boot with warmth, warmth, and more warmth. So pick up your coatigan, put on your sculpt and lift pant and a simple long sleeved white tee and prepare yourself for one of your warmest, and most fashionable, Winter walks to date.

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What do you think of selection of boots? Do you prefer knee length boots or ankle boots? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts!

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