Warm Layers to Sculpt and Shape

Is it just me? Or does anyone else feel like winter clothes can pile on the kgs! So many bulky fabrics and unflattering shapes that just add weight to your frame, no matter what size you are!

Well never fear, I’ve put my thinking cap on, and searched the EziBuy site for the best warm layers to improve your silhouette, I’ve found one for each shape to help you on your way! So let’s get shopping!

Hourglass options

SHOP THESE LOOKS: Capture Military Coat $139.99 | Emerge Wool Blazer $84.99

As an Hourglass, it’s all about defining your waist, and creating vertical lines down your body.

The coat on the left (even though it’s double-breasted) has a defined waist and won’t look boxy on your gorgeous Hourglass body. The wool blazer on the right is shaped at the waist AND when worn open, creates a vertical line down your body, which not only minimises your bust, but elongates the rest of you too – bonus!

Pear OptionsSHOP THESE LOOKS: Emerge Boucle Coat (ink) $159.99 | Grace Hill cashmere blend cardigan $149.99

For Pear shapes, detail is your friend. You are trying to balance out your lower half, by drawing all the attention up to the top half.

The amazing collar on the Emerge coat will do just that! And because generally you are not too large in the bust, you can get away with a full (and spectacular I might add) neckline like this coat. The waterfall cardigan is once again going to draw attention top-ward, plus the lighter colour on top is perfect for a pear!

Apple options

SHOP THESE LOOKS: Capture stitch detail jacket $159.99 | Grace Hill cashmere blend drape cardigan $149.99

For the Apple shape, it’s not only important to define the waist (or give the illusion of one) but to also cover the tummy! You can do this by either creating a VERTICAL LINE down the body, and then filling it with a scarf for tummy camouflage, like the gorgeous jacket on the left, or create “shape & drape” like the cardigan on the right.


SHOP THESE LOOKS: Emerge faux vest $89.99 | Capture trench $84.99

So columns, you lucky duckies, can either embrace the straighter shape of their body and rock a vest (or gillette if you want to be fancy) – generally you don’t have too much bust getting in the way, so this piece looks awesome on you without adding bulk.

Alternatively, give yourself MORE shape with a fit-and-flare trench that comes in at the waist, then out over the hips – bombshell status in no time!


See? Winter doesn’t have to be that scary when it comes to dressing well for your shape – if you choose the pieces that both compliment your shape AND keep you warm, you’ll be toasty AND stylish all winter long.

Until Next Time,

Happy Shopping

Cait xoxo

Get more fashion and styling advice from Cait at her fashion blog, Chasing Cait.

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