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Shopping for little people can be so much fun!! Everything looks so cute and stylish when its in minature form!

I have two little girls, and dressing them has always been fairly easy. My oldest naturally finds joy in dressing in pink and purple, bright colours and anything that will give her a good “spin” when she twirls around.

However, I have friends whose girls like to dress like Bear Grylls, who like khakis and dinosaurs and rainbows. Like wise, boys can like dresses and ponies and whatever else they fancy. In my own opinion, that is completely a-okay!

EziBuy Unisex 1pictured: 3D TeePee Tshirt (theres a lion under the zip of the TeePee!) | Denim Pull on Trousers

Fashion is often sorted into “Girls” and “Boys”, but at this size of life, body shapes and sizes are very similar you can really shop from any section you like! Online shopping makes it easy in that you aren’t having to drag your child into different departments (and depending on their age, potentially embarrass them), but you can browse and pull up ideas of things they might like and ask them from the screen of what they would prefer, without any gender stigma involved.

EziBuy Unisex 2

Pictured: Stretch Chinos | Mint Bunny

For fun, I’ve put together some outfits that I think any boy or girl might love to wear in this post. When browsing through the different sections it was hard to pick only a few outfits, there are so many cool pieces of children’s clothing to choose from! Like this Dino Spiked Hoodie  or these Cat Jogger pants!

EziBuy Unisex 3

Pictured: Striped Cardigan | Dip Dye Daddy Tshirt | Belted Coral Chinos

When shopping for unisex clothing look for bright colours (yellows, aquas, oranges, corals) or muted colours (beiges or greys, navys and blacks) and first and foremost, consider your own Little Person who has their own identity and likes and go with their intuition! Give them some independence in their own style and support their tastes, they will love you for it!

Happy Shopping! Love, Sophie

You can find Sophie blogging about parenthood and crafts on her blog, Sophie Slim

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