Travel Essentials

There are certain things you check for when heading away on holidays. Passport, wallet, phone, camera and luggage come to mind first. Packing the right things (while not over packing!) is really important, so EziBuy have compiled a list of the Top Four Travel Necessities to make everything just a little bit easier.

Travel Essential Number One: Betty Eyemask and Travel Pillow $34.99


 When travelling, especially long distances, comfort is not something you should forget. A good quality eyemask and travel pillow is indispensible, so don’t think you can leave home without them. Both are designed to help you get a good rest and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to see the sights.


Travel Essential Number Two: Scarlette Luggage Tag and Strap Set $29.99

Travel Essentials

Having luggage that stands out can make getting to and from your holiday destination a lot more fun. Distinctive tags and straps are a great way to brighten up those slightly worn suitcases and make it easier to identify your bags when travelling with others.


Travel Essential Number Three: Cross Body Bag $24.99

Travel Essentials

It is always better to be safe than sorry when travelling. To minimise the threat of theft keep your most important items on you at all time. The Cross Body Bag from EziBuy is ideal for this as it has room for your passport, wallet, phone and hotel keys. The long strap means you can put it over your shoulder to make it even more secure. Be sure to also lock other valuable possessions in the hotel safe whenever you’re out.


Travel Essential Number Four: Personalised Overnight Bag $44.99

Travel Essentials

If you’re travelling with children this holiday season it is a good idea to get them personalised luggage. The Personalised Overnight Bag is something special for your children and is also functional for travelling. There are a variety of colours to choose from, but be sure to purchase these in advance as the EziBuy elves will need 20 working days to create your personalised package.

Happy holidays and safe travels,


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