Top finds in the clearance section

Everyone loves a good bargain, and one of the best ways to find the best deals is by shopping online. This automatically ensures that anyone you want to buy from has competitors from all over the world, rather than just in their local area.
Buying second-hand is a great place to start when it comes to saving money. Of course this depends on the item, as sometimes it’s necessary to buy brand new. In this case, you need to scope out some clearance sections. EziBuy has some whopping deals online if you’re after clothing or items for around the home.
Coming into winter, it may be time to stock up on some flannelette sheets to keep you warm through those cold nights. Not only do they stock a range of designs and sizes, your wallet will thank you when you save up to $40.99.
Once you manage to drag yourself out of your warm bed, you’ll probably need something to keep you warm once you leave the house. EziBuy’s Capture Short Panelled Coats will do just that. This fully lined, double-breasted coat comes in five colours and will go well with any outfit.

As you’ll be saving over $30, it may be worth getting two!

Need to update that classic black dress in your wardrobe? EziBuy have just the thing.

This Grace Hill Woman Bandage Dress is bound to be welcomed into the arms of any professional woman. Bandage dresses are designed to enhance and accentuate every woman’s individual body shape and style by showing off your curves in all the right places so you won’t want to miss out of this bargain.
If you’re shopping right, you should never have to purchase anything at full price again. As long as you have the time, you’ll find the best price!

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