Top 5 tips for shopping the sales!

The second best thing about the holidays, after spending time with friends and family, are the sales. Today, we have the choice of staying home and shopping online instead of battling through a sea of other patrons at the local shopping centre. EziBuy have come up with the five top tips to help you make the most of your sale purchases.

1. Find Wardrobe Gaps


Buying things you don’t need is the worst shopping decision you can make. To avoid this, take a quick look in your wardrobe, drawers and shoe rack and take note of any gaps that appear in your collection. If you already own 6 white shirts then maybe have a look and see what colours are missing from your range and try a twist on the classic. EziBuy has a great selection of shirts in different shapes and colours, which is perfect if you’re looking to inject some fun into your wardrobe. The Emerge Chambray Shirt will help ease you back into denim shirts, or you could try the Capture Everyday Shirt in a variety of colours and prints.

2. Take your measurements (for yourself and the house)

Shopping online means you can’t readily try clothes on for size. Quality websites, such as EziBuy, will have a size guide complete with measurements so it’s important to have yours handy. This also goes for any homewares you’re thinking of buying. Knowing the exact size of the space you’re trying to fill will give you the upper hand over all the other competitive shoppers. Sales time is also a great opportunity to look for a future homewares investment.

3. Head to the “Clearance” Section

When looking to score a bargain, head to the Clearance section, or click on the ‘sale’ banner on the website homepage. EziBuy has put together everything that is on sale in the same area for your shopping ease! This is definitely the best way to find everything you need at a low price. To start saving now head to:

4. Read the reviews

EziBuy has a great reviewing system where customers are encouraged to share their thoughts on purchased items. By reading these before buying, it will let you know details such as how each garment fits, if it’s true to size and what the quality is like. This is the best way to minimise the chance of having to return your purchase.

5. Plan your purchase

If you’re shopping online for a gift for someone close to you make sure you research the ‘delivery time’. EziBuy has a few different options for delivery from 5-10 days to 2 days for priority shipping. If you’re after a personalised item, please allow up to 20 working days for production.

Happy Sale Shopping.



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