Top 10 Fashion Mistakes We All Make

fashion mistakes.jpg Fashion faux pas – we’ve all made them, and they are especially easy to make in winter!

Here’s my top 10 things we do wrong in winter, and how to fix them!

Bulky layers.jpg

Why wear four layers of bulky clothing to keep warm when you can wear lovely, fine layers of WARM fabrics like merino and cashmere? These wool-blends will take the bulk out of your outfit but keep you feeling toasty warm.


Don’t worry- summer is not the only time you can jazz up your outfit with some fancy accessories! Grab yourself some awesome scarves (how about these from EziBuy) and treat them like you would a necklace in summer – use it to add a pop of colour to a dull outfit.

Then there are gloves, beanies, hats, mittens….. the list goes on!

only wear pants.jpg

Yes, you can totally wear a dress in winter! Just because it’s a few degrees chillier, doesn’t mean you can’t still dress like a lady.

Look for dresses in heavier fabrics and with longer sleeves like this one, and this one. Dark colours and prints also make a dress more winter-appropriate, like this one. Wear them with some opaque black tights, ankle boots and a coat or blazer for warmth and you’re good to go!

summer in winter.jpg

You can’t just throw a coat over your summer top, dress or skirt – the colour, fabric and warmth will be all wrong for winter. This applies particularly to prints! If a print doesn’t have black in it, don’t layer it with tights and boots and a black coat – it will look out of place.

Think about warmer fabrics, richer colours and deeper prints for winter. You will feel stylish, warm and season-appropriate.

black is best.jpg

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – just because it’s black doesn’t mean it will keep you warmer! We have this notion that because it’s winter, we have to wear black! Well that’s not the case – besides, black actually doesn’t suit most people – it’s too strong for their colouring and will wash them out.

Why not try a grey, or navy, or even berry-coloured coat, for instance, as an alternative to yet another black coat, like this one, or this one.

wrong fabrics.jpg

Do you layer up seven layers of cotton and polyester and wonder why you are still cold? I used to be the WORST at this! Until I learnt to wear seasonally-appropriate fabrics!

Make friends with cashmere (shop it here), merino (shop it here) and ponti (shop it here) – they will all keep you warm AND stylish this winter.

tights as pants.jpg

Do I even need to say more? Winter is the worst time for this MAJOR fashion faux pas – avoid it by investing in some PONTI PANTS – they are warmer and thicker than leggings – and more socially acceptable in public!


Again, why does winter always mean BLACK? Ughh boring! Ok so if you MUST wear some black in winter, why not use scarves, gloves and hats to add a pop of colour to your look – it will brighten up your outfit, your attitude and your day!

warm coat.jpg

Come on people! I can’t believe how many of my styling clients live in NZ and don’t own a proper WOOL BLEND coat! It does get a little chilly every now and then here (like 6 months of the year!) so you really should invest.

The content of the coat is important – it might look good, and bulky and warm, but if there is not wool in it, it’s not going to be warm! Check out this one, and this one – no excuses now!


So do any of those sound familiar? Now you have the tricks to fix them! Did I miss any off the list? Tell me any other common fashion mistakes in the comments below – I’d love to hear what you think

Until next time,
Happy Shopping!
Cait xoxo

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