Tips & tricks for washing your swimwear!

Tips & tricks for washing your swimwear!

Finally! You are busy planning your next holiday or you are just about to leave and travel to your dream destination! Either way, you are ready to go: your favorite summer outfits are already packed and you also shopped some new bikini’s. But how should you wash your swimwear in order to keep them as good as new? We’ve got some good tips & tricks! 

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Wash advice:

• Wash your swimwear by hand in cold water using washing detergent for fine fabrics
• Rather use the washing machine? Use a bra bag and wash your swimwear with a detergent for fine fabric and select a delicate washing cycle
• Don’t use any fabric softer as this increases the chance of the colours fading
• Pay attention to details such as applications. If you can remove these its good to do so before washing
• Never use the tumble dryer for drying your swimwear. Just have it air dried without wringing it before hand

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Prevent discoloration or damage:

• Always rinse off your bikini with cold water after wearing it. Sunlight, chloride and seawater can cause discoloration
• Put on sun tan lotion half an hour before wearing your bikini or bathing suit as sun tan lotion can cause your swimwear to discolor
• Are you planning to visit a water park? Wear and old bikini! The rough surface of the slides can damage your swimwear

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