Anna Davoll - front cover model

Getting to Know Our Models: 3 Questions We Asked Anna Davoll

Anna Davoll - front cover model

She’s our resident blonde bombshell with a heart of gold, coming in just shy of 6ft. We give you Anna Davoll.

Anna Davoll has been one of EziBuy’s favourite models since we started working with her a few years ago. Gracing many front covers of our catalogues, she is a pleasure to work with on set and always brings her A-game. Davoll is Australian born but resides in the bon vivant, grungy yet glamorous city of Berlin.

A few things we’ve learnt about Anna over the years are:

  • She has an amazing sense of adventure.
  • She loves to dance and attend awesome music festivals around the world.
  • She has great style with bohemian flair!

We sat down with the lovely Anna for a few minutes and asked her three questions to get to know our favourite blonde a little better.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Over Christmas and New Year I travelled alone to my first silent meditation retreat. It was for 12 days, in Oaxaca, Mexico, and it completely changed my life.

We did the work for you and looked into the Silent retreat based in Oaxaca, Mexico. (Note, it is not for the faint hearted).

What we found:

1. Captain Obvious speaking: You are silent for 12 days.
2. There is a focus on self-discovery, with the question at the centre of the retreat being ‘Who am I?’
3. You spend hours meditating each day trying to cultivate an attitude of the evocation of death of the physical body as a way of transcending desires and egotistical tendencies. (Yikes)

What did you do last Saturday night?

I went midday “nanna” raving in Berlin, where you dance in the day time without any alcohol. It’s great exercise and so good for the soul. Then I jumped on a plane to Sydney to begin the next shoot.

Again, we were curious and did our research. The rave is called ‘Morning Gloryville’ and it’s a daytime party that raises funds for communities in need. Here’s what their website says,

“The Gloryville Effect’ is our way of taking positive action when the world needs it the most. It’s about taking matters that deeply hurt us into our own hands. It’s about inspiring grassroots movements and every-day people to lead the way. We are raising funds to help us visit refugee camps, divided communities and poverty-stricken areas FOR FREE. We will spread smiles, cuddles, play, and moments of joy, transformation and hope. #thegloryvilleeffect

We are partnering with reputable and experienced charities like Peace Direct and Love Support Unite who already have a lot of experience on the ground, so we approach the charitable element of our work in sensitive and helpful ways.”

It’s true – giving back is fun. We love the sound of this party!

What was the best advice your Grandma gave you?

My Grandma is 94 years old and shiny as a button. She was trained in the Australian Army as a young woman, and she tells me her secret to staying so fit and happy has been from eating whole foods, not too much, and being active every day. She’s a true inspiration.

Well Anna, if it’s good enough for you, then it’s good enough for us!

We loved getting to know a bit more about Anna Davoll, the gorgeous gal who always stuns in our EziBuy looks. Keep up the good work!

Stunning Anna Davoll
Anna wears Top, Skirt and Boots

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