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Everyday style is often about finding a balance between being dressed up and looking relaxed at the same time. French woman master this art seamlessly merging the basics while keeping it simple. Even though they often have a wardrobe that is filled with neutrals and timeless cuts, we can all agree French women are anything but boring. So, how does she make this happen? She lets a statement piece brighten up an outfit – A scarf, red lip, or a fun pair of shoes. And, not overdone or overdressed. They look like they didn’t even try, but they sure did put a lot of effort into curating a perfect closet that makes dressing easy and fun.
Combining the above concept of simplicity with your own everyday style, is easy as its likely they both they both circle around the idea of effortless dressing with wardrobe staples.

Balance comfort and style

Looking good is all about feeling good. Uncomfortable shoes or jeans that are too tight are never a good look nor a good feel. Wearing an outfit that you’ll feel comfortable in all day, goes a long way toward not only a better look but a better day all round..

Mix and match tailored pieces with casual and sporty ones to get the perfect comfy but elegant look. The oversized blazer below looks great with a and a pair of sneakers. It’s all about balance!

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Opt for timeless and classic styles instead of trend based pieces.

Shop quality items that are versatile and will last for a long time. Cashmere is always a great one to invest in.. It’s warmer than wool, superbly soft and when well looked after, can last a lifetime. To keep the overall look simple and easy to style, go for neutral tones.


Have a signature uniform

Find your perfect uniform that suits your everyday lifestyle, it makes it easier to dress in the morning, and you’ll always feel comfortable. Build the rest of your outfits around your signature look, spice it up with jewellery, scarves and other accessories. Find your own style and stick to it.

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