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The evolution of casual…

The track pant is having a bit of a moment. And we couldn’t be happier about that fact. I happen to own four pairs of sweatpants, and am a convert to casual-wear. Which is fortunate, as these basics have had more wear than ever these last few weeks, while I work from the comforts of my own home. Fortunately for all of us, the “casual wear movement” has come a long way in the last decade, both in terms of aesthetic appeal and social acceptability.

A hundred years ago, the closest thing to casual was sportswear—knitted golf dresses, tweed blazers, and oxford shoes. But as the century progressed, casual came to encompass everything from worker’s garb (jeans and lumberman jackets) to army uniforms, with the “Khakis”

These days, casual-wear encompasses a slew of essentials, from hoodies to cargos to track pants to the vast ranges of athleisure that have been relegated to high fashion stakes, thanks to the likes of people like Pip Edwards and the P.E Nation brand.

Then, with top designers including sportswear and casual-wear in their runway shows, and everyone from bloggers to celebrities  – think Kim Kardashian, wearing leggings and tracksuits just about everywhere, we think it safe to say, athleisure is a major fashion trend to know about now. From Sunday brunch, to a business lunch, picking up the kids from school, wearing workout gear outside the gym, and mixing it with more polished wardrobe separates, is a major trend for women this decade. But if you’re used to carefully putting your outfits together, how do you know what to wear with workout clothes and casual wear to look chic, without veering into sloppy? We’re here to help, with inspirational outfits and suggestions on how you can style the casual-wear and athleisure trends right now.

The stripey trackpant…

You can easily dress sweats up and make them look a lot more stylish than you ever thought they could be, creating an outfit you can wear just about anywhere. We love they way the denim jacket here works to add a bit of street cred to this edit.


Weekends are for one thing and one thing only: brunch. Keep it comfy in track pants and a cute tee and wear with your go-to trainers. Make ours a mimosa!


We love the Isobar range of athletic wear. Stylish enough to wear anywhere.


Last but not least, we are loving these striped tee-shirts from Capture. Stripes are a great way to add a fresh appeal to any edit.

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