Taking Women’s Blazers to the Next Level

Blazers have evolved over the years, developing from a primarily male style to one that can be enjoyed by both sexes with plain colours and shapeless cuts developing into fitted cuts and an array of colours and materials. All these choices can cause panic when you’re trying to choose your outfit in the morning. What matches blazers? How do you make them look great? We’ll take you through our top five blazer types that are sure to cover every occasion!

The I-Mean-Business blazer

For all the career ladies, this is a must have. There are no jackets that scream formal like the humble work-blazer. This one can be distinguished by its dark colours; greys, dark blue and black generally in a more stiff suit fabric. Work blazers slim your waist and flatter your hips whilst keeping you warm in the office, what better reason to covet one in your wardrobe? When choosing a work blazer go for one that is the right sleeve length for your arms; too short and it will look like a school uniform you grew out of, too long and it will swallow up your hands. Generally, for work blazers you should choose long sleeved for maximal professionalism. Pair your blazer with a matching or complementary pencil skirt or slim work trousers with a contrasting blouse and some elegant heels to finish it off.

The Bad-Girl Blazer
Low buttoning, ¾ sleeve black blazer with zip detailing

You can’t be good all the time – sometimes when you want to go out and party, an elegant cardigan just won’t work. In those moments, you can pull out your bad-girl blazer to show off a little skin and sport a rock-chick biker look. To be a truly bad-girl blazer, you will need something that distinguishes it from a normal blazer; some belts, zips and spikes might do the trick along with shorter or rolled up sleeves and lower fastening buttons. Wearing one of these will make you feel sexy and help you to exude confidence. Pull it over a short, shimmery metallic dress with some metal embellished stilettos and sheer black tights and you’re ready to go.

The Lazy Weekend Blazer
Striped pattern sleeved cotton blazer

This one is much more relaxed, it’s not formal or pretentious. It just flatters your figure and feels great to wear after a Saturday morning sleep in. When picking a lazy weekend blazer, make sure it ticks three boxes: It’s comfy (you can move in it), it’s a fun colour or pattern and you love it. Now you’re wondering, what should I wear with my new favourite wardrobe item? It can be really versatile, if it’s boldly patterned, pick one colour featured in the pattern and wear a shirt of this colour, some slim jeans and a pair of stylish sneakers.

The Forget-the-Weather blazer
red, fitted gold-button blazer

This is another casual blazer that’s really versatile. This one needs to be a bright colour to chase the rainclouds away and keep you bright and happy even if the sun isn’t shining. Also pick one with cute buttons on the sleeves and wear it open for a more relaxed look with pushed up sleeves. This kind if blazer looks great with a longer bright-white shirt underneath and some jewellery that matches your buttons. Wear it with dark pants or a dark high-waisted skirt to keep the attention on your vibrant of the blazer. Want to see more? Check out more blazers and jackets perfect for all occasions in our Womenswear jackets section Happy blazer hunting!

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