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These days most of my shopping is done online – with two kids, I prefer not to traipse around shops humming and haa’ing, while dishing out constant snacks to keep the little ones happy.

But I’m still a physical kind of gal so I love thumbing through the EziBuy catalogues and finding looks that I love. EziBuy have already put great looks together and coordinated their clothes, so half of the work is actually done for you. Having the pre-styled outfits mean I can look for overall outfits that I love and see if their individual pieces will fit well with my current wardrobe.

EziBuy often have “buy these pants and this top for this special price” kind of deals, so it suits me great buying pre-styled looks from the catalogue to get the best value for money

EziBuy Boxy Knit 2

To save time, after I’ve had a browse of my mailer, I shop from the online catalogue from the EziBuy website and add my favourite items to my cart. You can flip through the pages online, and click on the photos for each style you like to get more details on them, so it’s really easy to find looks you like and go to each of the items individually. Once I’ve loaded up my cart I carry on with my day and have a think, then I come back when I’ve decided on what I would love and complete my purchases!

Here I’m wearing the boxy knit, slimming jeans and zip leather boots from the spring range. I wore this outfit when we went into Christchurch city and had a photographer take some photos of our family. When our girls are older and are living in a beautiful, modern city that will look completely different to how it does now, I wanted some lovely photos we could keep to remind us of this very important moment in history for our family and city.

EziBuy Boxy Knit 3

[In this final photo I am wearing my favourite Emerge Skinny Jeans]

PS, I loved Cait’s recent post on finding great colours for your skin tone! Did you read it? I think I’m a cool and intense colouring – what do you think you might be?

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