Searching for swimwear can be hard
Searching for swimwear can be hard... see tips and tricks about finding the perfect bathers for your summer

Swimwear Spots

Searching for swimwear can be hard
Searching for swimwear can be hard… see tips and tricks about finding the perfect bathers for your summer. Click here for help!

Shopping for swimwear. The words can bring agony to even the greatest shopaholic. After a winter of hiding under bulky clothes, jackets and scarves, the idea of standing near naked on a beach or by the pool is, well, enough to scare even the bravest among us. On the brighter side, there are always ways to minimize the pain and maximize gain!

Be comforted in the fact that there are endless numbers of different swimsuit styles available. No matter your shape or size, you can be sure to find swimwear that will fit and flatter your body.

Now’s the time to throw any negative energy out the door, swimwear shopping needs to be done on a day when you’re close to feeling your best. You need to be feeling confident about your body and in good spirits to begin with. It does no good walking into a shop to try on an outfit when you’re not in a good mood, it’s all too easy to tear yourself down.

You’ll probably already have a rough idea of what kind of style you’re after. It won’t be too dissimilar to the cut and shape of your lingerie. If you always wear an underwire bra then you probably know that your bust line needs support in your swimwear too. The same is true for your bottoms. Look for a cut and style that mimics the knickers you feel most confident wearing.

If you’re just not comfortable with your body unless you’re wearing some kind of shape wear, or if you don’t like the way your body looks in anything but high-cut bottoms, then you’ve got to look for swimsuits with the very same features.

Make a list of your best assets before you hit the shops, then look for swimwear that flatters the top three assets on your list. Do you have a fabulous bust line, but not such a great tummy? Or a terrific waistline, but not a fan of your thighs? If you know ahead of time what you’re looking for, it will substantially reduce the number of bad choices you try on, and that, in turn, is going to keep you from getting down on yourself and giving up on buying the perfect swimsuit.

Once you’ve found some swimwear that you’re keen to try, grab two different sizes and try the larger size on first. If something’s too small for us, it’s easy to be hard on ourselves, but if something’s too big, we tend to love ourselves for it.

What are you going to use your swimwear for? Lying on the beach? Swimming laps in the pool? Or something you can wear as an underwear alternative? Figure out what your favorite summer activities are and go from there.

Once you’ve got your swimwear sorted, now is the time to show it off! Get ready to cool off in some of the country’s hot spots this summer. Take your perfect swimwear to some of the perfect beaches in Australia – we’ve picked a few of our favourites below. Summer bliss!

Top swimming spots in Australia

  1. Gunlom Infinity Pool, Kakadu National Park, NT
  2. Florence Falls, Litchfield National Park, NT
  3. Sweetwater Pool, Edith River, NT
  4. Berry Springs, Darwin, NT
  5. Merewether Baths, Newcastle, NSW
  6. Mumbulla Falls, Biamanga National Park, NSW
  7. Wylies Baths, Coogee, NSW
  8. Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island, SA
  9. North Stradbroke Island, Qld.
  10. Millaa Millaa Falls, Millaa Millaa, Qld.

Where are you favourite spots to take a dip? Share them in the comments!

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