Swim into Summer

Selected swimwear is 50% off today! Grab yourself a beach bargain before these styles go back to full price.

Shop the swimwear daily deal now, or carry on reading to see which of the swimsuits on sale would best suit your body shape.


Your shape is… wider at the middle, with a rounded midsection and leaner hips
Choose swimwear that… creates a waist and smoothes over your tummy

Quayside Secret Support Ruched Bodice Swimsuit, Style Number: 84651
Quayside Secret Support Ruched Bodice Swimsuit
Style Number: 84651

The Quayside Secret Support Ruched Bodice Swimsuit will look fabulous on you! The swimsuit comes in Coral, Black, Chocolate, Pink Spot and Floral. Although all are great for apple shapes, Floral is the winner – the black side detailing and straps contrast with the floral print, for a slimming effect that creates a feminine waist. Ruching and powermesh through the front help to hide and flatten your tummy.


Your shape is… bottom heavy, with fuller legs and thinner arms
Choose swimwear that... draws attention to your top half

Capture Swimwear Top Spliced Suit, Style Number: 83546
Capture Swimwear Top Spliced Suit
Style Number: 83546

We’d recommend the Capture Swimwear Top Spliced Suit for your shape. A pop of bright colour over the bust area pulls attention to your best assets, drawing the eye upwards away from any problem areas. It’s black below for a slimming effect, and the high cut bottom is perfect for your shape. Many pears make the mistake of trying to conceal their bottom half with boy shorts – these will cut your thigh at their widest point and will make you like a triangle, whereas high cut bottoms will slim and draw the eyes upwards.


Your shape is… almost straight up-and-down
Choose swimwear that... gives you feminine curves and creates a bust

Expozay Bow Front Swimsuit, Style Number: 84965
Expozay Bow Front Swimsuit
Style Number: 84965

This Bow Front Swimsuit from Expozay is fantastic for tube shapes. The front gathering with a mint contrast bow detail adds a girly touch and makes you appear more busty.


Your shape is… in proportion, with top and bottom balanced out
Choose swimwear that... accentuates your curves

Expozay Pleated Bust Halter Swimsuit, Style Number: 87302
Expozay Pleated Bust Halter Swimsuit
Style Number: 87302

Dressing an hourglass figure is all about enhancing (as opposed to balancing out), so the Expozay Pleated Bust Halter Swimsuit is perfect for your shape. The moulded cups and front bust mesh gathering give great support, and the emerald colour with subtle daisy print won’t drown out your gorgeous curves.