How to dress for a sunny winter day

When the sun comes creeping out during winter it’s the perfect opportunity to throw on something a bit lighter than your big coat and woolly scarf. Here are a few ideas for great outfits on one of these warmer winter days.

Pretty in Purple
Pick a light sleeveless dress in case the sun gets warm enough to bare your arms. A high-necked number is great for keeping your neck warm. We love purple – bright colours chase away the winter gloom!  A light cardigan is great to keep the chill at bay, and make sure you bring a coat with you in case the sun goes away. Some complementary coloured heels will look great with this outfit.

Lovely in Linen
A light blouse with long sleeves is a lighter option. Pick something loose fitting with a gorgeous colourful pattern for your blouse and pair it with a sharp blazer to offset the looseness. Slip on some light linen pants to keep warm but still be comfortable in the sun. Wear some summery shoes if the temperature suits for an overall summery but still warm outfit.

Tell us below which you like best and check out hundreds of other possibilities in our catalogue.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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