Stripes – How to wear them

Stripes are a popular fashion choice for women this season, and it’s no wonder with a huge range of flattering styles for all shapes and sizes. With so many different options, it can be hard to know how to style them – so we’ve set out a few tips below for each striped pattern.

Colourful Stripes

Colourful stripes are eye-catching and perfectly on-trend. Colourful striped tops and dresses should be worn with pants, jackets or cardigans.

Wide Stripes

Wide stripes are so versatile! Though they still look great with other garments identical to one of the colours, they can also be mixed up by combining with subdued colour pants. Wide stripes are a more relaxed style and look more mature and elegant.

Skinny Stripes

An attention-grabbing look, skinny stripes look fantastic in white and another darker colour which contrasts beautifully. If you wear black and white, you will find that gorgeous, bright hues go extremely well with it, for example, a black and white striped shirt with electric blue pants or striped dress with cherry red heels.

Asymmetrical and Abstract Stripes

If you’re bored with symmetry and the same-old feeling of true stripes, shake it up with some abstract stripey looks. Three-colour stripes can look fantastic, especially in knit material. However, make sure to not introduce too many new colours in your outfit beyond the three used in the stripes for the rest of your outfit. It’s all about the simplicity.

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