Behind the Scenes at our Spring Photoshoot
Behind the Scenes at our Spring Photoshoot

What Happens on Set? Behind the Scenes at our Spring Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes - On set
Checking what was briefed by our Art Director at our coordination.

What actually happens on set? How does it all come together at a photoshoot? Who is involved and what do they do?

With the launch of our Spring catalogue out tomorrow we thought it might be a nice idea to share with you what happens on an EziBuy photoshoot. Since our photoshoot team are based in Australia we send our samples over and they’re shot in studio in Sydney and when on location at varied locations. The photoshoot team has become a family over the many years with many of them regular team members! You may recognise regular models, but there are regular art directors, regular producers and regular make up artists too!
Before the photoshoot Before the photoshoot even starts there are many things that need to happen. Like what needs to be shot, who needs to wear it at the photoshoot, where will the photos be taken at and who will be hired for each role. Our team at EziBuy work towards catalogue launch dates and work back from that regarding timing and what needs to happen and when it needs to happen.
At the photoshoot The producer organizes everyone to be at a specific location at different times of the morning depending on when they are needed. For example the makeup artist and models need to be on set early as it can take around an hour and a half to get ready. From there the model/s will then get changed into their outfits which the styling team would’ve already steamed in preparation.
Other early starters are our studio helpers. If the shoot is indoors then the team will need to set this up early and from there the photography team will work with the lighting to ensure the best light possible.
Did you know? Our photoshoots are so well oiled that it only takes 10 to 15 minutes for the styling team to dress the model, the photography team to take the photo and so on. This is considered really fast in the fashion industry!

BEHIND THE SCENES – Click on an image for details

After the photoshoot
During the photoshoot multiple photos are taken of the same outfit, so the Art Director chooses a couple of photos that they think best reflect the direction that’s briefed from our Buyers in terms of what they want to show – ie the bell sleeve or the movement in the skirt. From there we create our catalogues using these images positioning them across the page to make it easy for customers to view and shop!

So there you go, a very simple outline of what happens on set. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to know more in the comments below.

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