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Day in the Life of Social Media Coordinator

We sent Kirsty, who looks after the EziBuy social media over to Australia to take some photos at our Spring photoshoot. She shares below what she got up to…

Day 1

4.00AM Wake up! Time to get ready as fast as possible and make my way to the airport. In a previous role, I missed a flight (how embarrassing!) because I got to the airport too late, so I forever freak out that I’ll miss my flight. Today is not the day to miss my flight – I’ve got social media things to do!

4.20AM Taxi has arrived. We exchange pleasantries and travelling from Herne Bay to Auckland International airport I pay him a ridiculous amount of money.

Obligatory photo of my passport, tickets and smoothie
Obligatory photo of my passport, tickets and smoothie.

5.00AM Okay, I got here on time. We can do this! I find myself getting a green smoothie from Shaky Isles – healthy right! But ruin it by also getting a dark chocolate peanut slab. Do you know how hard it is to find the dark chocolate flavour at stores?

6.38AM Flight time… I write notes on the plane in preparation for the day ahead; blog ideas that could be cool to write about, social media ideas (close up of the makeup, boomerangs of the models, flashing light bulbs on set etc), questions that I can the models and the real reason that I’m over there – to discuss video’s for social media! Plus I manage to squeeze in the movie Beauty and the Beast. I cried like three times.

Sydney Airport: I'm here!
Sydney Airport: I’m here!

8.25AM We’re in Australian time now! I arrive in Sydney, grab a taxi and head straight to the photography studio! The taxi driver was rather negative but I won’t let that get me down.

9.20AM I’m introduced to the photography team and get straight into it. First up is the Capture shoot – Anna Davoll is modelling for us and I meet the stylist, the photographer, the producer, the makeup artist… everyone! Everyone has been working together on EziBuy photoshoots for many years, so a little bit nerve racking to walk in on. But they are so lovely and welcoming! First question though… what are they snacking on? Brown rice crackers, fruit and cheeses (I know you care about these small things!). I will share with you the answers to the questions I asked on set in a future blog post.

Selfie on set: Anna working in the background on this outfit
Selfie on set: Anna working in the background on this outfit. I wear my fav stripe top, the Emerge Polo Tee.

11AM I head over to the Grace Hill photoshoot (it’s just in a different area of the same building) and watch how Rebecca moves. Did you know that the models move SO FAST? They’re constantly on the go. I swear, if they wore Fitbits on set they will definitely be over their 10,000 steps a day. I also grab some lunch – the team have gone all together and have turkish food for lunch. It is actually delicious – I wish that there was something similar that we could get to takeaway in Auckland. Let me know in the comments below if you know of a really good place.

The Grace Hill team having a break
The Grace Hill team having a break
Can I eat this all over again? So good!
Can I eat this all over again? So good!

12PM Back to the shoot – we then start on sleepwear with beautiful plush robes and with good music playing in the background. Think Everyday People by Sly & The Family Stone and All I Do by Stevie Wonder.

4.30PM Done for the day! I’m feeling pretty tired right now. The lovely Jude (Producer for the Capture photoshoot) drops me off back at the hotel. Okay, I’m here and I HAVE A WHOLE APARTMENT. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a laundry, a lounge and an entire patio. They must’ve made a mistake with the booking and had to upgrade me – I’m not complaining!

6.30PM Still really tired… But I’m in Sydney and I want to check out the shops. I walk to the main area and pretty much head straight to Sephora where I buy makeup and skincare products (Kat von D and First Aid Beauty) and then find my way to the trendy area of Surry Hills and eat dinner by myself at Yulli’s Surry Hills. So good! The dessert…. amaze.

8.30PM Bedtime.

Day 2

7.45AM The photographer’s assistant is here to pick me up! We head to The Rocks where today’s shoot will be. It’s an outside shoot and it’s freezing! I definitely should’ve worn pants and not just tights. Throughout the morning I’m taking photos for our Instagram story; little behind the scenes shots of what’s happening and who is doing it.

A social media shot for our Instagram story
A social media shot for our Instagram story
Location of today's shoot near The Rocks
Location of today’s shoot near The Rocks

1.10PM The shoot is over and that’s me for the day in terms of social media. I head to Lord of the Fries and grab a burger and have a little bit of a break – also a little bit of shopping mixed in there too. I couldn’t resist picking up the Too Faced ‘Sweet Peach Glow’ peach-infused highlighting palette. If you’re into makeup then you’ll die over this – it smells like peaches!

I was really excited about my makeup purchase and took a photo of it.
I was really excited about my makeup purchase and took a photo of it.

3.30PM I head to meet our Australian PR Agency. They’ve asked me to meet them at The Grounds of Alexandria – I get surprised at the bar/restaurant that there’s a parrot just chilling out in there! We chat about how we can get EziBuy out there in Australia and also gossip about ourselves.

6.30PM Right, I’m done and I head to the airport – early as usual but until the flight leaves I just chill out. I had pre planned and bought snacks – I’m all about the snacks.

1AM I’m back in NZ time and I finally make it home. I throw everything on the ground and jump into bed.

Thank you for reading about my day over in Sydney, I promise you that it’s not as exciting as this all the time.

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