Accessorize with bags, scarves and layer up. Keep your wardrobe in check!

Smart shop for your wardrobe

Temptation – a strong urge or desire to do or have something. In this case, to shop and to have the latest trends in your wardrobe! Well ladies, it’s time to resist the temptation. Seriously. Stop spending your hard earned money on clothes that you only wear once, and that don’t see you through for more than a couple of weeks.

However – that doesn’t mean your shopping days are over! Instead, choose smart seasonal pieces that improve the versatility of your wardrobe and see you through the seasons. It’ll see your closet stacked with classic, entirely versatile pieces and you’ll never have to say ‘I have nothing to wear’ again!

  • Go capsule
    Most people try and add variety to their wardrobe by stocking it up with as many clothes as possible. This however is not the smartest way. In fact, having a wardrobe bulging with clothes is very impractical. It will take you a long time to get ready, to decide on what to wear, and to find what you need. Seriously, open your wardrobe and take out every piece you haven’t worn in the last couple of months. We bet you’ll find there’s plenty! Instead, think about creating a capsule wardrobe. This concept makes it super easy to create a range of outfits with just a few pieces – whatever the season.
  • Layer up
    Summer clothing is obviously more lightweight, more breathable and more free flowing. However this doesn’t mean we can’t wear our lighter clothes in winter. Layering correctly means you can have plenty of outfit variety with just a few versatile clothes. Find long-sleeve slip dresses, leggings or complementary cardigans to adapt summer dresses to cooler climates. Sheer fabrics can be worn on top of a simple singlet in summer, or with a merino over winter.
  • Accessorise
    Accessorising is also one of the cheapest, smartest ways to turn an outfit around. Accessories are capable of taking your outfit from day to night, and from workwear in the office to fancy dinner with the girls – and from summer to winter. Use scarves, hats, belts, leggings and footwear to transform summer outfits into a winter look. Add a lovely piece of gemstone or pearl jewellery, dress shoes, a blazer and an elegant handbag to turn a casual summer outfit into a glamourous evening look that works right through to winter.

Be smart about your purchases and buy pieces that see you through more than just a fleeting fashion trend. Hitting the shops every time there’s a change in temperature certainly might be fun, but it’s certainly not fun on your bank cards. Before long you’ll discover that some things you can only wear for one month of the year.

Buy less of what you can’t wear and much more of the pieces that see you through several seasons. Your wardrobe satisfaction is bound to increase!

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