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Summer holidays are on the way and hopefully you’ve managed to organise a getaway. Now what to pack? It is important to remember that even though you are taking a break, your wardrobe doesn’t need to. Feel and look good no matter what you’re doing this summer and all of us here at EziBuy are ready to lend a helping hand.

It’s obvious that what you normally wear to a cafe is not appropriate for the beach and what is perfectly fine on the beach looks completely out of place at dinner. So what do you do? Before packing anything into your suitcase do some last minute shopping at and we’ll sort everything out.

Poolside wear:

hat          swimsuit

Ribbon Sunhat $10 – We all need to be more sun safe and we may as well look great while doing it. The Ribbon Sunhat from EziBuy is an inexpensive way to look glamorous while you’re reading by the pool.

Quayside Secret Support Wrap Bodice Swimsuit from $49 – When you feel like braving that crystal clear water, turn to one of the most flattering swimsuits on the market – the Quayside Secret Support Wrap Swimsuit. A clear favourite with customers, as it comes in an array of amazing colours and prints and is flattering to all body shapes! These amazing swimsuits also feature slimming features and support for the bust.

Walking around a remote island:

Resort          Resort

Essentials Linen Wide Leg Pants $54.99 – Some people like to go for long relaxing walks when they’re on holidays. If you’re one of them, why not invest in a pair of comfortable pants. The wide leg design ensures you stay cool on your walk whilst also preventing material clinging to you.

Emerge Linen Tee $39.99 – This basic tee is made from lightweight materials so you won’t become all hot and bothered whilst enjoying the scenery. They come in great colours so why not collect a few; it is a wardrobe staple after all!

A candlelit dinner with a view:


Heine Tie Dye Dress $149.99 – This dress is a little bit of a splurge but we think it’s worth it. As no one wants to be packing heavy evening wear into their luggage, this little number is perfect as it will take you from late lunch cocktails to a gorgeous dinner with ease. We suggest trying the bright coral colour to help highlight that tan you’ve been working on!


Safe travels and happy holidays,


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