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In my home, two little Princess’ rule their Kingdoms from their thrones. Pretty party dresses’ become daily attire and any each must have their “spins” tested out before deciding which to wear for the day.

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My oldest Princess, Milla who is three (and a half!), was absolutely thrilled when I showed her the new Monsoon Children’s range in The Brand Store online the other day. She picked out two dresses for herself, some shoes to match and a new handbag and when they arrived she couldn’t contain her squeals of delight!

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This Rosie Glitter Dress is a beautiful frock featuring a soft rose skirt, with little hints of sparkle inside the fabric, tulle and a gold underskirt. The bodice is a fawn and ivory colour that glimmers and the waist band and straps sparkle gold. It is a stunning dress that would make a beautiful outfit for a wedding or special party and has an added bonus of not being pink! It’s often hard to find a pretty party dress outside of a pink colour range!

The unique styling and quality of these dresses are well worth their price tag, they are simply stunning. I say this quite honestly – I have never seen such beautiful children’s clothing in my mothering career. 

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This pink and gold Malee Dress is a real show stopper in person. The design is the same behind as it is for the front; lots of shining sequins and a large gold ribbon like the golden dress above. These sequins and flowers have been hand stitched on because Monsoon understands quality, and keeping hand-skills alive in communities and in the clothing industry is important.

It’s a pink princess party dress, and if your girls are anything like mine they’ll want to wear this one when they eat breakfast, hang out the washing and bake cookies, never mind the special occasion.

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The Brand Store is open now, so if you’re looking for some unique, international clothing for your little people check out Next and Monsoon,

Monsoon Rosie Glitter Dress
Monsoon Malee Dress
Monsoon Ankle Strap Ballerina Shoes
Monsoon Lace Sparkle Satchel

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