Picking out Flat Shoes

Although most women love to accent their legs by wearing heels, sometimes an occasion may call for wearing flats. This doesn’t mean you can’t look your best; in fact some of the best shoes on the market are of the horizontal kind, and best of all – you won’t end up in bare feet at the end of the day or night!

Emerge Side Bow Ballet: Available in a range of colours, these ballet flats look great with just about anything. Wear them with jeans, tailored pants or a skirt/dress and you’ll look just as good as you feel.
• Naturalizer Neesa Lace Up Shoe: Offering more of a casual style, these shoes are best saved for the weekends. A pair of jeans or shorts will look brilliant with these and they’re capable of keeping you on your feet for hours.
• Next Leopard Print Lace-Ups: I absolutely love these shoes, wearing them will show off your fun side and add a lot of variety into your outfit. You may be able to get away with them on “casual Friday” if you’re wise about the outfit you wear with them, but otherwise keep them for ‘out of office’ wear.
• Sara Flat Riding Boots: Perfect for the office or a night out (even better if you’re planning on being on your feet all night), these boots come in black and brown. Wear them with tights and a dress or over jeans for the ultimate effect.

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