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Ahhhh jeans. I don’t know about you, but I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with jeans. They can be the perfect solution for that “oh no, I have 5 minutes to get dressed… they’ll do” scenario, but at the same time, the quest to find the perfect fit is an endless one!

So I’m going to put my stylist’s cap on today (well it’s more like a chic felt fedora….but I digress…) and find the perfect pair of jeans for your shape thanks to the AMAZING denim collection from EziBuy – so many choices in one place, love it!

If you’re……. An Hourglass Shape


Hourglass denim

SHOP THE LOOK: Emerge black slim leg jeans $49.99 | Emerge ‘the boyfriend’ jeans $49.99 | Urban high waisted jeans $49.99

Dark denim is always going to do you the most favours as an Hourglass – lighter fabrics often highlight hips and thighs. Both styles on the left, and right are a higher waisted style – this will follow the line of your body nicely, as well as give your some tummy support (rather than that awesome muffin-top look we all love so much!)

The straighter leg shows off how slender your ankles are (and if you are not a massive fan of your upper legs, just wear a slightly longer top, like THIS ONE, to cover them). A slimmer jean is ALWAYS more flattering, plus it add length to your leg.

The middle pair featured, are the new ‘boyfriend jeans’. They are great for balancing out your leg – by cuffing the hem, you are drawing the eye down towards the skinniest part of every woman’s leg – your ankle – and away from the top half!

If you’re……. A Pear Shape

Pear jeans

SHOP THE LOOK. Capture jeggings $39.99 | Sara bootleg stretch jeans $69.99 | Capture slimming jeans $59.99

Now I can see you sitting there looking at the computer screen like I’m crazy! Jeggings?! On a Pear?!…. but trust me, it makes sense! Treat them almost like a Ponti Pant. They are a thicker version of leggings and the have STRETCH in them so they will fit to your body shape! I mean, how many times have you tried jeans on and when they fit your hips, they gape at your waist? The stretch in the jegging alleviates this issue! Wear with a tunic top to hid the bits you’re not a fan of, and ROCK the skinny!

Still not convinced? A classic bootcut might be more up your alley. The theory behind a bootcut jean is that the flare at the bottom balances out the top half of your legs. These Sara jeans are a classic colour and cut, perfect for your yummy Pear shape!

Now let’s talk pockets. The idea of a detailed pocket on the back of your jeans is that it fills up the space over your behind, making said behind look smaller! If you just had plain fabric, with nothing breaking up the surface area, your butt will look wider, but the pockets come in and trick the eye – minimising the size of your bottom. Genius right?


If you’re……. An Apple Shape


Apple jeans

SHOP THE LOOK. Capture super stretch pull on straight leg jeans $49.99 | Heine jeans $99.99 | Capture super stretch control straight leg printed jeans $49.99

Two things are important for Apple Shapes – tummy support and showing off those awesome legs! Finding the combination of both in the same jeans is tricky! These three pairs have a high enough rise to come up over your tum, but they will draw attention to your gorgeous slim legs too!

They all have added support over the tummy, especially the pull-on Capture stretch jeans, so no more worrying about your pants constantly slipping down!


If you’re……. A Column Shape


Column jeans

SHOP THE LOOK. Capture super stretch control straight leg jeans $49.99 | Emerge ‘the boyfriend’ jeans $49.99 | Emerge denim coated jeans $64.99

Well aren’t you just the lucky shape when it comes to jeans! Almost anything goes with you, so have fun with it! You don’t have to worry too much about jeans fitting over your bum, but not fitting your waist, and the shape of your leg suits jeans to a tee! Here are three fun options to take you jeans wardrobe to the next level!


So no matter whether you are trying to balance out your hips, make your bum look smaller, elongate your leg or just show them off, denim really is drama-free at EziBuy!

Happy jeans shopping!

Cait xoxo

Get more fashion and styling advice from Cait at her fashion blog, Chasing Cait.

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